Trust and Executor Services

Understanding that estate planning is a crucial component of your overall wealth management strategy, Meek Wealth Advisory engages experts from BMO Trust Company to ensure that your affairs are managed according to your wishes.  BMO Trust Company provides will reviews and will direction, advice on the unique protection and tax-savings potential of trusts, and executor services to help ease the burden of administering an estate.


Trustee Services

BMO Trust Company provides professional services in the planning and administration of personal trusts. We will work closely with you and your family and your legal and tax advisors to protect and maximize family wealth and to ensure that assets move from one generation to the next in a smooth and orderly manner. 

BMO Trust Company can be named as a corporate trustee when your estate plan is created, or if you have established an inter vivos trust with yourself as trustee, we can succeed you as trustee at your death. As trustee, we can provide you and your family with peace of mind, continuity and professional trust management. 

Other benefits of appointing BMO Trust Company as trustee include: 

  • Administration of the trust according to its terms
  • Management of closely held businesses and non-marketable trust assets
  • Preparation of trust tax assets 
  • Overseeing real estate assets
  • Bill payments if and when necessary 

Executor Services 

Choosing the right Executor is a very important step in the estate planning process. 

The Executor must deal with family members during a period of grief and cope with conflicts that may arise among beneficiaries during the administration of an estate. The Executor's actions are subject to scrutiny not only by beneficiaries, but also by tax authorities, creditors and potentially the courts. Depending on your circumstances and the complexity of your estate, you may benefit from Corporate Executor services offered by BMO Trust Company. By designating a team of experienced professionals, you can be assured there will always be qualified individuals available to administer your estate in a timely and considerate manner.