A complete, integrated circle of financial care

Asking the right questions. Providing the right answers. And guiding investors to make important decisions to maximize their life and legacy.

I provided customized investment management and full-circle, integrated wealth planning to address my clients’ personal and business needs. And, at BMO Private Wealth, my team and I bring full access to the first-class expertise and resources of BMO’s vast network of specialists.
This powerful combination brings my clients the confidence of knowing that their wealth management needs are covered, and they are well-positioned to achieve the best financial outcomes.

My ability to forge deep personal relationships also contributes to my clients’ success. They become close friends and we share information about each other, which builds trust between us because it's clear they place their faith in me as an advisor who will act on behalf of them in good times or bad alike without question or hesitation if need be!
I work very hard at making sure that these connections are long lasting by maintaining frequent communication even when there isn't anything new happening with either party--it ensures continuity over time; crucial for building real partnerships where people can count on one another.

Ethics, integrity and engagement

  • My goal as your advisor is not only do what needs done professionally; It's also making sure you understand every step along the way which means being someone who listens closely while caring deeply toward others by explaining things without ever sounding condescending.

  • As a member of the CFA Institute who has completed Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) exams, I am held to the highest standards of practice globally.

  • All my clients are treated equally and fairly, no matter who they are or how much they are investing. I treat everyone like family.

  • My planning process looks at everything in your life – your goals, needs, fears, family, business, work, health, wealth structure, time horizon, financial and physical assets, attitudes, passions, values and preferences.

  • You can expect disciplined planning, careful monitoring of your portfolio and Wealth Plan, efficient reporting, and regular communication.