Redefining Retirement 

We’re living longer and healthier lives than ever before. Fewer of us plan to spend retirement in a rocking chair on the front porch.

Instead, retirement is considered a new phase of life that provides the opportunity to make discoveries about ourselves, be creative and pursue new dreams.

Whether it’s starting a business or travelling around the world, it’s important to make the appropriate financial arrangements to take full advantage of the next phase of your life.

This often demands a prudent strategy to preserve assets and earn income, solutions to manage day-to-day cash flow, and the consideration of your leaving a legacy to family, community or a charity close to your heart.

As someone approaching or in retirement, RT Wealth Management can assist you with:

  • Wealth preservation and income strategies

  • Banking and cash management solutions

  • Estate planning and charitable giving



How We Help

Let’s say you are a 66-year-old retired dentist who lives on Canada’s west coast. You sold your practice to your son about three years ago, though you continue on as a consultant roughly 10 days a month. Your wife Roxanne is a cancer survivor and has been cancer-free for the past two years. One of your motivations for leaving dentistry was to spend more time with your wife. You have three children and seven grandchildren with whom you are very close.

You and your wife would like to do some travelling now that you have more time together. We’d also like to make sure your grandchildren are taken care of and perhaps donate something to the Cancer Society after you’re gone.



We would help by:

  • Completing a retirement analysis to show you how long their income and investments would sustain their desired lifestyle.

  • Rebalanced your portfolios to generate a mix of interest, dividends and capital gains to maximize your after-tax income based on your risk tolerance.

  • Introduced you to an Estate and Insurance Advisor to review your estate planning needs and potential insurance-based income strategies.

  • Registering you for BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway®* so you can keep track of your portfolios online from anywhere in the world, 24/7.


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