Our Disciplined Process 

At RT Wealth Management, we understand that managing your wealth isn’t simply a financial exercise. It requires an appreciation of your unique needs and an in-depth understanding of your overall goals. We can deliver expert advice on a wide range of financial matters, but none are more fundamental than effectively managing your investments.

Our team members have the expertise, professional resources and proven process to guide you through an individualized financial planning analysis that integrates investment advice as the cornerstone to your overall wealth management strategy. You’ll benefit from a disciplined investment process that is designed to meet both your current needs and achieve your long-term objectives.

Following a Disciplined Process






Clarifying Your Goals and Understanding Your Needs

Your objectives as an investor may be more complex than you realize at first. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your personal ambitions and unique circumstances that will shape your investment plan. This important first step helps clarify where you are today and your vision for the future.

At RT Wealth Management, we will create a customized investment plan based on a thorough assessment of both your short and long-term needs in the following areas:

  • Financial goals
  • Risk tolerance
  • Investment time horizon
  • Liquidity needs
  • Growth expectations
  • Current income requirements
  • Anticipated changes in lifestyle
  • Tax considerations
  • Income requirements



Defining Your Vision

To create a customized investment solution that truly reflects your investment objectives, goals and values, it is important that both you and our team have a clear understanding of all three—a unified vision. This process helps you clearly define and articulate your personal and financial goals, helping to ensure consistency and understanding throughout your interaction with us.



Identifying Issues and Solutions

We will begin to lay the groundwork for your comprehensive financial strategy and will help you to identify any obstacles or gaps that may need attention (e.g., insurance needs, business succession planning, planned giving goals). With a broad spectrum of wealth management knowledge and expertise at our fingertips, we will help you to better understand all the options and scenarios, financial or otherwise, that could affect the success of your investment strategy and vision—and facilitate access to the appropriate product or service to help meet your needs.



Developing Your Investment Strategy


On the surface, asset allocation simply refers to how your portfolio is divided among the major asset classes: equities, bonds and cash. Over the long term, asset allocation can have a greater impact on investment returns and performance than security-specific decisions—accounting for over 90% of portfolio volatility. Since different asset classes react differently to economic conditions, there will usually be some portion of your portfolio that is performing well at any one point in time. The right combination of equities, bonds, and cash can help smooth out the impact of market volatility; lowering the overall range of returns to a level you are comfortable with.





Our team will help manage the trade-off between risk and return by recommending an asset mix that best reflects your investment goals and risk tolerance. Each asset class has unique risk and return characteristics, with higher expected returns generally correlating to higher expected volatility. A portfolio that’s diversified across multiple asset classes can capture the growth potential of high-return asset classes while also managing risk through exposure to low-volatility asset classes.



Implementing Your Customized Portfolio Architecture

Once your needs and objectives are defined and an asset allocation strategy is in place, we will recommend specific portfolio tactics to help you reach your goals, and reflect your tolerance for risk and volatility of returns. In building your portfolio, we consider fundamental and technical factors. Our recommendations for your portfolio will encompass:

Core Holdings – The core of your portfolio will typically consist of a mix of high-quality holdings that reflect your overall asset allocation strategy. This may include blue-chip equities, bonds and cash, either through direct holdings, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or managed portfolio solutions.

Global Holdings – Investments in global markets have been shown to increase potential returns while reducing volatility, particularly when added to a portfolio of domestic investments. We may recommend global investment opportunities that complement your core holdings.

Alternative Asset Classes – Real estate, hedge funds, private equity and commodities are examples of alternative asset classes that can potentially enhance portfolio returns and manage risk by adding additional layers of diversification to your portfolio.

Investment Focus and Style – Whether you hold securities directly or engage third-party investment managers to buy and sell them on your behalf, we will help you balance your exposure to large and small companies and growth and value investment styles.

Passive and Active Investing – Depending on your preferences and goals, we may recommend a mix of passive and active investment strategies. Passive investments are typically designed to mirror the returns of major market indices, whereas active investments usually aim to surpass index returns through individual security selection.

Income Solutions – If current income is among your objectives, we can recommend a wide range of income solutions such as dividend-paying equities, fixed income investments and income-oriented managed portfolios.

Tax Minimization – We will take care to organize your accounts and manage the realization of interest, dividends and capital gains in a manner that helps minimize your tax burden.



Reporting, Reviewing and Oversight

To keep you well informed, RT Wealth Management provides a detailed monthly statement of your investment accounts. In addition, on a regular basis, you will have the opportunity to revisit your goals and review your portfolio with us. In the interim, we will monitor your portfolio and the markets, continuously bringing relevant information to your attention.

Over the years, your evolving personal needs and objectives as well as developments in the markets can dictate changes to your asset allocation strategy and portfolio composition. Our comprehensive investment process forms a continuous loop that allows us to make the ongoing adjustments required to keep your investments closely aligned with your vision.

Statements to keep you on track – Your BMO Nesbitt Burns account statements can help you and our team to review your monthly transactions, monitor each of your investments, and identify the need to make any adjustments to your portfolio.

Online tools – It’s our goal to ensure our clients are connected to the best information, knowledge and expertise available. BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway®, our online client information centre, provides instant access to a wealth of account information, including BMO Nesbitt Burns’ top-ranked equity research and proprietary mutual fund research, as well as third-party equity research.


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