Charitable Giving Solutions

If making the world a better place is important to you, RT Wealth Management can help you achieve philanthropic objectives through a variety of tax-efficient planned giving strategies. There are a number of options to choose from, such as giving a cash donation to your favourite charity, gifting publicly traded securities to a private foundation, making a charity the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, donating a life annuity or RRSP/RRIF, or bequeathing a sum of money in your will to the charity of your choice.

Whatever your philanthropic desires may be, we can help you implement a giving strategy that is highly rewarding and in line with your overall wealth management priorities.


BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program

Our team can work with you and a local community foundation to help you make informed charitable giving decisions.

A donor-advised account administered by the Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation and managed by BMO Nesbitt Burns is a convenient, tax-efficient, and cost-effective alternative to establishing a private foundation. This Foundation is an independent, non-profit charitable organization registered as a public foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency, which means you receive cost-efficient and tax-maximizing benefits.

This strategy offers several benefits:

  • The advantage of running your own foundation, without the administrative responsibilities.

  • Low minimum of $25,000.

  • All administration, record-keeping, distributions and tax reporting responsibilities are managed by Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation on your behalf.

  • Direct grants to causes and issues that matter most to you—you have the opportunity to specifically direct your gift.

  • You receive significant tax advantages on gifts of appreciated securities.




Strategic Philanthropic Services

Strategic philanthropy is an extension of your personal beliefs and convictions. It is more than charitable giving, which is intended to provide relief to a situation. Philanthropy is a long-term activity, aimed at getting to the root causes of a problem in order to have a long-term impact and create a lasting family legacy. It can make an enduring difference in your community while also strengthening family bonds.

If you have the desire to establish a lasting legacy, we may introduce you to philanthropic specialists at BMO Private Wealth and help make sure that your wealth is put to good use in causes that truly reflect your values.