You set the destination – we chart the course.


There’s more to wealth management than investments. Dekker Hewett Labelle Wealth Advisory has the tools and support to achieve your goals with strategies that will stand the test of time across generations.


We take a holistic view of you and your business, practice or organization and a big-picture approach to individualized planning. BMO Private Wealth has achieved an industry-leading collaboration between our investment advisory, banking and wealth planning specialists. Here, everyone works together cohesively to put your interests first and meet all your current and future needs – as one team, under one roof.


From the outset, our conversations will focus on discovering your needs and circumstances. With these insights, we find solutions to improve your financial position in ways you may not have considered. Through an ongoing dialogue, we will craft a bespoke plan to achieve your aspirations and adapt it as your needs evolve.

Expertise from BMO specialists

Working with a passionate, experienced team of BMO Private Wealth specialists, we can bring you tremendous financial bench strength:


  • Will reviewers

  • Tax planners

  • Asset managers

  • Estate and trust planners

  • Insurance specialists

  • Credit consultants

  • Private Banking professionals

  • Business and Commercial Bankers

  • Investment bankers

  • Risk management experts

  • Business succession specialists

  • Strategic philanthropy consultants


Guiding you through major life transitions

With the specialized assistance of our BMO Private Wealth partners, we can add significant value when helping you and your loved ones to prepare for major milestones or manage periods of transition; for example, when you:


  • Get married or divorced

  • Inherit money or win a lottery

  • Start a family

  • Buy or renovate your home or vacation property

  • Decide to fund an education

  • Buy or sell a practice or business

  • Change your career

  • Plan for and enter your retirement years

  • Have an accident or are diagnosed with a major illness

  • Wish to make a major charitable contribution

Private Banking

BMO Private Wealth offers a full range of Platinum Banking solutions that can provide you and your family, business or practice with highly customized and innovative products and services.

Your dedicated Private Banker will simplify and enhance your financial journey by:


  • Navigating intricate financial situations and structuring complex transactions to achieve your financial objectives, manage the challenges that can accompany significant wealth, and benefit from bespoke rates and solutions.

  • Providing comprehensive and personalized banking services:Customized banking and borrowing:

    • Lines of credit, mortgages and other personal financing solutions that allow you to access the funds you need to reach your immediate and long-term goals while also earning great rates.

    • Financing through personal holding companies, life insurance, monetizing investment holdings to free up cash, and fulfill other complex personal borrowing requirements.

  • Managing deposits and other services:

    • Competitive deposit and investment products

    • Services and the latest in mobile apps that provide you with easy access to your money


Components of a comprehensive plan:

  • Financial planning

  • Charitable giving

  • Education planning

  • Estate planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Business succession planning

  • Corporate planning

  • Group benefits

  • Individual Pension Plans