Where portfolios enable possibilities

Dekker Hewett Labelle Wealth Advisory is known for our thoughtful and intelligent approach to conservative portfolio management and our investment advice for sophisticated investors.


We aim to help you achieve superior financial results for the long term through premium investments.

Our two Portfolio Managers (PMs) and one Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) take a hands-on approach to screening, selecting and monitoring opportunities to grow your wealth while mitigating risk. We are invested in the same strategies and assets as our clients.


Our advice is objective and unconflicted.

We are fiercely independent advisors with complete freedom and flexibility to advise you without bias. Product and platform agnostic, our only agenda is choosing the best investments to achieve your desired outcomes.


We receive world-class research coverage.

From the highly ranked equity research team at BMO Capital Markets and deploy the firm’s global distribution network and its best-in-class trading and technology platform to provide timely and seamless execution.


We perform options and derivatives strategies.

Our advanced options trading strategies for ultra-affluent clients set us apart. We specialize in generating income for business executives and individuals who hold large concentrations of individual holdings in publicly traded companies. We can broadly diversify your asset base to manage risk and generate double-digit distribution flows from your portfolio that are dramatically greater than you could achieve with a traditional portfolio – all very tax-efficiently.


Covered call writing is another of our sophisticated, complex and tax-efficient strategies. It can help you achieve returns in any market environment, generate predictable income streams and provide excellent capital protection, customizability and tax-efficiency in unstable markets while protecting you from losing capital.


Ask us for access to unique and exclusive ventures.

Such as early-stage investment opportunities and private placements you won’t find anywhere else through our extensive network of entrepreneurs.


Enjoy the freedom of discretionary portfolio management.

Entrust us to make your investment decisions following the parameters we set together and our fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. You no longer need to be available to provide permission for every buy and sell – enjoy the freedom and peace of mind to golf, sail, travel, or do whatever else you value. In addition, your trust empowers us to act quickly when opportunities or risks arise.


We will create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) – a customized document that details your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences and interests. Using these unique parameters as a roadmap, we will do all the day-to-day buying, selling, research and wealth planning for you. You pay one single, asset-based fee and our interests are aligned because you and our team both benefit when your asset base grows.