Building bridges between poverty and resources


“With Dekker Hewett Group’s contributions and other sponsors, the Western Chapter of EIA will continue to support communities such as Lipez. EIA envisions a world where everyone can live healthy and dignified lives with access to essential services. We are honoured and proud that Dekker Hewett Group supports and aligns themselves with this goal.”

– Engineers In Action


More about the Bolivia Project that we helped support:

Isolation caused by impassable geography is a root source of poverty worldwide. Engineers in Action (EIA) is an organization that strives to combat poverty by connecting areas of rural isolation to resources. Fueled by the humanitarian passion of university students, the organization builds footbridges so that communities have year-round, safe access to essential services such as health care, education, and markets.



The student chapter of EIA at Western University completed their first project last May of 2019 in Lipez, Bolivia. The bridge spans nearly 50m across a local ravine, that was otherwise dangerous to cross, especially during the rainy season. Now, this bridge serves as a connection for more than 500 people to surrounding markets, cities, and hospitals.


Construction of footbridges highlights:

  • 12% increase in children enrolled in school

  • 18% increase in healthcare treatment

  • 45% increase in fertilizer investment

  • 56% increase in crop yield

  • 75% increase in farm profits

  • 30% increase in labour market income

  • 59% increase of women in the labour market

  • 20% economic return on investment