A Wealth Plan tailored to your life vision

We believe that strong investment strategies combined with complete, forward-thinking wealth plans drive our clients’ success both financially and personally.
Everything begins with comprehensive discussions. We will take the time to listen and understand your needs. Before we give you any advice, we will do a very deep dive to understand your financial, personal and business situation, family dynamics and priorities on family, work, lifestyle and money.
Collaborating with experienced specialists at BMO Private Wealth, we will integrate a complete suite of wealth management services to create your customized Wealth Plan and then adapt it to market conditions and your personal life transitions.
These services can include:

  • Trust and estate planning

  • Insurance solutions

  • Retirement planning

  • Private Banking

  • Tax planning

  • Business Banking

  • Business succession planning

  • Philanthropic strategies, and more.

Going forward, we continue to deliver disciplined, holistic, transparent and objective guidance. We will maintain open and regular lines of communication, listen to you, collaborate with you and all your advisors, and keep you well informed throughout the process.
You will receive an updated, customized Wealth Plan at least every two years, or more often if a new life event has happened or you are nearing retirement.