Advising entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with extensive experience advising business owners in diverse circumstances, I can bring valuable advice and solutions to busy business owners.
You may be running a business, thinking of selling one, or you may have recently divested and need help to transition from operating a company to investing the wealth you have generated.

  • Once we understand you and your business, together with our network of BMO Private Wealth specialists, we can help you:

  • Invest your surplus corporate capital,

  • access capital,

  • liquidate capital from a holding company,

  • transfer wealth to your heirs tax-efficiently,

  • structure your shares or sell your company,

  • use insurance as a tax-wise estate planning tool,

  • address any other complex challenges, and

  • work with your accountant to structure your corporation to maximize your after-tax earnings.


To help you exit your business, we will:

  • Work with business succession planners, estate planners and business valuation experts to help you find a buyer or transfer the company to a family member.

  • Consult with legal and tax advisors to assess your business and manage your money astutely.

  • Help you create a reliable income stream from the proceeds of your sale.

  • Coach you to transition from driving forward as a business leader to moving comfortably into the next phase of life.