Disciplined investment management

Our team understands that you are unique. So is our approach to your portfolio.
In addition to the broad range of products and services we bring you from BMO Private Wealth, one of the many benefits of working with us is our access to BMO Nesbitt Burns' industry-leading investment research. It can help you achieve superior returns while managing risk.


  • BMO Nesbitt Burns' industry-leading team of equity analysts covers over 400 companies across diverse industry sectors (320 Canadian plus 100 key U.S. or international).

  • This team writes thousands of research reports, alerts and assessments every year and has an excellent long-term track record.

  • Access to BMO Nesbitt Burns and S&P research is available to you online through BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway®, our client online account access portal.


MPA - Discretionary investment services

Our team is qualified to perform discretionary investment management, which means that you can entrust us to make your investment decisions following the parameters we set together and our fiduciary duty to act in your best interests.

This frees you from stress and frees you to focus on what you do best, while we are empowered to act quickly when opportunities or risks arise. We will create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) – a customized document that details your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences and interests. Using these unique parameters as a roadmap, we will do all the day-to-day buying, selling, research and wealth planning for you. You pay one single, asset-based fee and our interests are aligned because you and our team both benefit when your asset base grows.
We work with our clients through two managed portfolio programs. Let’s discuss which of them is best for you:


The BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program

Architect brings you access to institutional-calibre investment managers, enhanced diversification and active portfolio oversight. Your portfolio is rebalanced quarterly to maintain your objectives and year-end tax harvesting minimizes tax reporting. We can combine various managers with different specializations and use mutual funds for some categories that are not large enough in the portfolio to warrant using individual stocks or bonds. The mutual funds are held in the same account as your managed stocks or bonds, according to your unique parameters. Finally, this account even allows us to use low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) to build broad diversification at a very low cost.