Income Advisor (May 2020)- What to expect, or hope for?

We look to longer term trends.

Income Advisor - 4.1 Billion dollars of surplus cash flow 
(September 2019    4.1 Billion dollars of surplus cash flow in the Oil Sector.  Thats a lot of money


Income Advisor - My neighbour is having a garage sale.

(November 2018) 
With the volatility of recent weeks, several investors have felt the need to cash out.

Income Advisor - Are Your Affairs In Order?

(July 2018) 
There is a great deal more to consider than you may think.

Income Advisor -  Bank Notes: We have a new one!
(January 2018)
Such hybrid notes are demonstrating the value of their design: a contingent, protected value, with downside protection to boot.

Income Advisor - Bank Notes 
(December 2017)
This security is interesting. The industry calls them 'Bank Notes'.

Income Advisor - The US Markets are up. The Canadian Dollar is up.
(September 2017)
Why isn't my portfolio going up too?

Income Advisor - WPT Industrial Reit

(March 2017)

We specialize in income producing investments with room to grow.

Income Advisor - A Confident Retirement Income
(April 2016
Everywhere you look, the theme in new investment products is retirement income.

Income Advisor - Bond Discussion
(March 2016)
Why does it appear to be complicated?

Income Advisor - TD Bond
(March 2016)
We haven't seen a Bond with a yield like this available for some time!


Income Advisor - Exhausting Media Reports!
(February 2016)
The Preferred Share Market has unique offerings available.

Income Advisor - Tides and Tsunamis
(July 2015)
The world seems chaotic and assets appear to be whipsawing as a result.

Income Advisor - All May Not Be As It Seems
(May 2015)
The line on the graph may appear to be a gentle rise, but in actuality the yield went from .79% to 1.19%

Income Advisor - Oil is Political not Cyclical
(February 2015)
The Energy Sector: Still an investment worthy of consideration?

Income Advisor - The Markets Are Down! Doom? 
(October 2014)
The Markets have a life of their own; they can be volatile, they move up and down based upon ideas and concepts.

Income Advisor - Zargon Oil & Gas
(August 2014)
Zargon's core business is oil exploitation - targeting increased oil recovery from existing oil reservoirs.

Income Advisor - Back The Truck Up
(February 2014)
The option is simply to capture those older, existing preferreds that have been humming along happily.

Income Advisor - Preferred Shares Unloved
(January 2014)
Sometimes it is better to take a small step back to appreciate a leap forward when it comes.