Wealth Growth and Wealth Management is our practice


Often beginning by assisting our clients to turn cash flow into wealth, we challenge business owners and professionals to take their personal financial goals as seriously as their business goals.  We provide the tools and expertise to effect those plans. Our commitment is to provide you with professional advice with plans that are clear and simple, but most important effective.


Time and attention is critical in preparing you for life transitions, retirement and the often overwhelming and emotional complexities the responsibilities of wealth present. It is our commitment to be your personal CFO, giving you the confidence to integrate all your retirement, insurance, tax & estate and business succession planning needs in one place. Our clients are business owners, professionals, often spanning the generations as well as foundations.


"We operate with integrity and honesty in everything we do. We are deeply loyal to our clients. We would never make a recommendation that we would not implement for ourselves personally."    


Robin Kingsmill

Our Specialties:


Insurance and Risk Management
Estate Planning and Philanthropic Giving
Investment Management and Cash Flow
Business Transition and Succession Planning