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Trevor Macdougall

Investment Advisor

Trevor Macdougall

44 Chipman Hill
Suite 1500
Saint John, NB
E2L 2A9

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Your Needs

There are many reasons why you may be considering a change of Advisor or investment approach. Our newest clients come to us for an exploratory conversation when they are...

  • Concerned about inconsistent growth of their family’s investment or retirement portfolio;
  • Fed up with no clearly articulated investment approach or one that is in constant flux;
  • Feeling insecure about whose best interests are being served by the advice being given;
  • Frustrated that they've been ‘sold’ an investment product rather than given individualized advice;
  • Concerned that their savings would not be well protected during the next downturn;
  • Feeling pressure to simplify and organize scattered investments/accounts; create a streamlined strategy for retirement or other important financial priorities they have;
  • Disappointed with advisor turnover, poor service/ lack of consistent contact from the person handling their money;
  • Tired of managing their investments and plan themselves and want help;
  • Worried about their ability to achieve their version of financial independence due to ineffective advice; and/or
  • Seeking advice with integrity, integrated with strategic financial planning. 

If you share some of these frustrations or concerns, let's connect for a friendly, exploratory conversation. I most likely can help, however there is no obligation on your part.

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