I can have an immediate positive impact on senior business leaders like you who choose to work with me and my team. This is because my approach is very different from your current or previous experiences…

1. It begins with independent thought...we eschew 'cookie cutter' and help you curate an exceptional portfolio of investments designed to help you accomplish the results you desire.


2. Over 25 years, I've refined a simple, yet powerful approach to thinking about investment. At it's core, our process focuses intently on identifying companies with unique, sustainable competitive advantages run by shrewd management teams who have a strong shareholder orientation. We help you invest here for longer-term, compounded growth. As investments, these companies have the potential to deliver outstanding shareholder value over a long time horizon.


3. We charge for our services via the Managed Portfolio Account (MPA) at BMO Nesbitt Burns. MPA is an all-inclusive & highly transparent fee business model. The transparency of our model ensures deep alignment of our interests, which is vitally important. My team and I have a deeply vested interest in seeing you find exceptional success and we strongly value the long-term potential in our relationship with you. Simply put, when you succeed as an investor, our business grows.


4. I believe strongly in the opportunity and the transparency that comes from helping you invest in exceptional companies and all that they represent as investments rather than 'manufactured' investment products, such as index-linked notes, leveraged equity investment ETFs or other similar vehicles.


5. I invest entirely from a business perspective and I perform extensive due diligence on each idea I bring to my clients including internal and external research, company filings, presentations and views from other investors.


6. I believe in taking my own advice. Therefore, I invest my own capital alongside my clients in the same investments I recommend to them.


7. My team and I have created a very proactive service plan and program for each client we have. We speak often with you and on your schedule, not ours.

8. My team of Atlantic-based subject matter experts in the areas of advanced financial planning, tax, will & estate, insurance and private banking work seamlessly as a collaborative unit, with you and your needs at the center. Among multi-disciplinary wealth management firms, this is a unique experience.


8. Our service is complemented with multiple forms of additional communication including email, web, social channels & events.