I can often make an immediate positive relationship impact for you & your family…

You are an accomplished business professional (senior management, key employee, executive or CEO) often between the ages of 45 and 60. You are well educated usually with a university level education. You likely have a family and are active in the community.

You are ambitious with your career and strive for success in both your personal and professional life. You likely have investment capital held within your employer-sponsored plan but also tend to have a private portfolio managed either through an Advisor, broker or your primary bank.

Among your greatest concerns is that you feel that you have little control or focus around your investments, often do not even understand clearly what your money is invested in and have seen mediocre results. You may have your savings haphazardly allocated among many different, uncoordinated accounts and investments.

As a result, you have little confidence as to how your current portfolio is contributing toward your future plans. This may be causing you concern around planning for the future, perhaps frustration and even stress.

You would feel better knowing you have a focused strategy, understand what your money is invested in and see tangible, measured progress over time.

You are often very pressed for time/distracted due to the balancing of your career as well as your family obligations. You could benefit greatly from excellent advice and oversight from someone with deep experience and who has earned a trusted reputation.

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