Personalized Investment Advice for Business Professionals & their Families

I specialize in working primarily with senior business leaders across Canada and advise them via a personalized, hands-on approach to investing, coaching and teaching to put them in control of their longer term savings and investments.


I am a tenured, and recommended Investment Advisor, practicing for more than 25 years. In 2021, 2022 and again in 2023, I was recognized as a top Advisor in Canada by BMO Private Wealth. And, in 2023, my team and I were recognized among the top advisory teams in Canada for client satisfaction and client loyalty.

Leaders find me when they are confused about the array of investment choices today and need a simplified, yet powerful strategy to drive investment results for them. Infrequent communication, inconsistent results, advisor turnover and lack of transparency also may be issues that you are experiencing as you contemplate how to best grow and protect what you’ve worked hard to save.
I help you win through a powerfully designed process, customized for you. The process focuses on helping you invest in competitively advantaged businesses that have delivered uncommon compounded growth for owners longer-term - exactly the result we seek for our clients. And, with an extended team of subject matter experts covering tax, wealth planning, will & estate, insurance and private banking, my team and I help you plan for using your accumulated wealth to impact the most important people in your life and the aspirations you have.


This process sits at the cornerstone of my full service, family wealth offering here at BMO Private Wealth where we ensure personalized service, attention to detail, integrity and transparency. We've found that this overall approach both creates confidence/comfort and adds exceptional value for you over time, which is also critically important to us. 

In the end, my team and I deliver strong leadership and guidance to business leaders just like you who have clearly outgrown the 'mass market' investment advice offering and now want to truly partner with a trusted and skilled Advisory team for the long-term.