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Trevor Macdougall

Investment Advisor

Tel: 416-928-0245
Toll Free: 1-800-924-0558
Fax: 416-515-1586

Trevor Macdougall

44 Chipman Hill
Suite 1500
Saint John, NB
E2L 2A9

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Smart, Differentiated Advice for Business Professionals & their Families

This business combines my passion for investing with my desire to truly help my clients win.

I specialize in working primarily with senior business professionals (senior management, executives, key employees, owners & directors) and advise them via a personalized, hands-on approach to investing, coaching and teaching to put them in control of their longer-term savings.

In my business, we don't 'sell' financial products. In fact, we don't do that at all.

Rather, we focus on delivering to our clients, thoughtful, smart and differentiated investment advice from a 'business-like' perspective. We've found that this approach both gives clients comfort and adds exceptional value for them over time.

Our approach almost always means setting aside conventional wisdom & looking well beyond the obvious investment choices that most investment professionals recommend.

We focus our clients on the 'flywheel' effect that strategic compounding, with time, can have on their savings. And then, help them plan for using their wealth to impact the most important people in their life and the aspirations they have.

In the end, we deliver strong leadership and guidance to business professional clients just like you who have a desire to truly grow and protect their financial nest egg. They have clearly outgrown the 'mass market' investment advice offering and now want to truly partner with a trusted and skilled Advisor for the long-term.

This is my strong and unique value proposition to professionals like you that are seeking a change from the advice you may be currently receiving.