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Trevor Macdougall

Investment Advisor

Tel: 506-648-0433
Toll Free: 1-800-565-3404
Tel: 506-648-0433
Toll Free: 1800-565-3404

Trevor Macdougall

44 Chipman Hill
Suite 1500
Saint John, NB
E2L 2A9

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Taking The Financial Road Less Traveled...

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. In these pages you will find much more information about my Advisory business at BMO Nesbitt Burns. My business is firmly rooted in the belief that stewardship of your money is far more important than salesmanship around 'financial products'.

Over twenty years, I`ve worked hard to build a reputation as a trusted steward of my clients` savings and an Advisor of deep integrity. I came to this business initially through my Dad, who had a long and distinguished career as a well-regarded Investment Advisor. After working with him for a few years at the beginning of my career, I broke out on my own to pursue my own brand of advice and my own voice.

This business combines my passion for investing with my desire to truly help clients win.

I deliver strong leadership and guidance to business professional clients just like you who have a desire to truly grow and protect their financial nest egg. You've clearly outgrown the 'mass market' investment advice offering and now want to partner with a trusted and skilled Advisor for the long-term.

You'll not find me following any of these conventional approaches to helping you invest your savings for the longer term...

a) Trading against market price changes;

b) Picking investments from an internally generated 'menu' of choices; or

c) Outsourcing the management of your portfolio to a third party 'black box'.

Rather, I work closely with you to curate an exceptional, personalized portfolio. 

I go out of my way to identify extraordinary North American listed investments that have demonstrated the opportunity to compound your capital at above-average returns over a long time frame with lower risk. This almost always means looking well beyond the obvious choices that most investment professionals recommend. 

My clients trust me to give them investment and financial advice that is smart, differentiated and uniquely in their best interests. By diligently doing so over many years, my clients and I have grown together and we've had the opportunity to build relationships of mutual respect and trust.

This is my strong and unique value proposition to professionals like you that are seeking a change from the advice you may be currently receiving.

Investing & Planning for Success

Successfully growing your nest egg for the long term in a sustainable, consistent manner requires a thorough understanding of what truly makes for an excellent investment oppotunity and then building a strategy and process to take advantage of these kinds of ideas.

I work hard to evaluate and then make prudent investments for my clients and invest alongside them with my own capital.

As you come to better understand this much more thoughtful and strategic approach to investing and we're making meaningful progress, I then use the significant resources within BMO Nesbitt Burns to help you plan for how you can make the most effective use of your nest egg over the timeframe that matters most to you.

A Differentiated Way of Thinking About Investing 

The investment advisory industry is full of conflicting advice. And, the investing landscape continues to evolve with new choices.

We have largely been conditioned to believe that 'mass market' products that invest across the entire market are the path to consistent wealth creation. That time in the investment market, in and of itself, will ensure your success.

Many accomplished business professionals just like you have begun to question not only this advice, but more importantly, the value they are receiving for the advice they are being offered and the fees that they are paying their Advisor, bank or broker.

My approach is differentiated, unique and more thoughtful.

Over 20 years, I have cultivated a clientele of business professionals. Using my accumulated knowledge and skills, I help you tap into the very powerful compounding principle by investing your capital from a targeted, business-like perspective. 

This approach is anything but 'mass market'. 

I coach you toward consistent success. And, my business model ensures that I have a deeply vested stake in your financial success as my client. Not all Advisors can say that.

These elements are what make my business unique from that of every other Advisor you've met.