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Languages Spoken:
English, French, Italian

-Financial and retirement planning

-Conservative approach

-Personalized service

FINANCIAL AND RETIREMENT PLANNING:*Robert develops, for all his clients a financial plan, which incorporates tax, retirement and estate planning.

*Minimum $250,000 investable assets(except family members of existing clients)

CONSERVATIVE APPROACH: Robert specializes in asset allocation. He avoids speculative products and "trends”. This long-term conservative approach has been successful in helping him meet and achieve his clients’ expectations on a regular basis.

PERSONALISED SERVICE: Daniel Law, Robert's Associate Portfolio Manager, provides sales & administrative support to all of Roberts' clients.


1.Determining your needs:

In order to build the perfect portfolio, Roberts’ first objective is to determine his clients’ needs. :
- Where are they going financially?
- Where have they come from?
- Where do they want to be?

2.Investment proposal and financial plan:

Robert believes that a solid road map, flexibility and clear goals, are the roots to positive investment experience. Having determined present financial needs and plans for the future, as well as the level of risk tolerance his clients can endure, Robert can then go through a step by step process of building a solid financial portfolio for his clients. This plan manages risk by making his clients feel comfortable through the good economic cycles as well as through any difficult markets.

3.On going reassessment:

Robert believes in keeping an open dialogue with his clients. Communicating frequently with them, allows Robert to keep on track with their ever-changing financial needs. Robert makes sure to have regular face-to-face meeting for a portfolio review and an update to your retirement analysis should it be needed.


With over 30 years of investment experience and managing over 150 million in assets, Robert has been a member of the "Elite" 'Nesbitt Burns President Council' for the last 20 years, an honor which is attributed to the best performing investment advisors at BMO Nesbitt Burns. He also receives referrals on a regular basis, which are a testament to his clients’ satisfaction