Rowhani Chalanchuk Leader Group

We Make Investing Personal

The Rowhani Chalanchuk Leader (RCL) Group is one of the most experienced BMO Nesbitt Burns teams anywhere in Canada and we are passionate about applying our wealth of knowledge to building carefully crafted, custom-tailored solutions for each of our clients.

As discretionary Portfolio Managers, first we learn and fully understand both your short and long-term goals.  Then we employ sound strategies to help secure your financial future. As we have almost 100 years of combined investment and money management experience, our clients can depend on us to be thoughtful, careful managers of their wealth. We will work diligently to preserve and grow the value of your life’s work.  We will deliver personalized service to keep you informed of your progress.  We are committed to help attain your goals so that you are able to focus on what is important to you and your family.  

We have clients who have been with us for decades and we’re proud to work with multiple generations of the same families. We deliver transparent and detailed reporting regularly, so that you will have a full understanding of your plan and results. 

Our Planning Process

Because planning is beyond goal setting and activity-scheduling in retirement, the RCL Group’s custom crafted financial plans consider everything from your biggest dreams to passing on multi-generational wealth.  At times, there may be surprises along life’s path so we know that your plan needs to be a living document that is continually updated if your circumstances change.  Having a plan empowers you to dream big, knowing we have a roadmap to get you where you want to go and preserve your legacy for generations to come.


Our Investment Strategy

At RCL Group, we believe in a thoughtful and fact-driven approach to discretionary portfolio management. Our disciplined process guides each of our investment decisions.  Our BMO Capital Markets research is award winning.  In addition, we use JP Morgan and Cornerstone Macro research.  This gives us the big picture through a unique lens. Cautiously, we look beyond the popular trends and screaming headlines to construct our exclusive, time-tested portfolios.