"Our journey began many years ago when, as small business owners, we sought a safe and reliable person to manage and invest the money we made beyond operating expenses. We were fortunate to find Glen Leader close to the beginning of his career and have been extremely pleased to benefit from his tremendous service, great advice and honesty for these many years. Glen’s confidence and integrity has been instrumental in setting out a great plan for each of us and our business. Through the early struggles, the rise and success of our business in the movie industry, as a corporation and into retirement, Glen has carefully guided our financial investments with precision and grace; through good and bad markets alike. We cannot thank him, or recommend him enough to those who would benefit from his services. " 

- T.S & M.S., October 2021

“After my husband died, I was looking for a financial Advisor that would take the reins. I found this and so much more in Robert and his team – as trusted partners, they take the time to explain their investment approach, providing me with insight, encouragement, and importantly – confidence in my future.”

- D.G., October 2021


"Thanks to having Glen Leader as my financial advisor for ethical investing, I will be able to retire with financial security and a clear conscience. Glen has a strong sense of social responsibility and cares for the well-being of the families he works with while helping them grow their financial worth. Glen has a proven “non-glamorous” approach to investing that outperforms others. He produces impressive results with integrity.  In short, Glen is the financial advisor I would (and do) highly recommend to my family and friends."

- S.T., July 2020

"I have so appreciated the ways that Nassim and her team have shepherded my portfolio through ups and downs over the years.  I am very aware that because the money I had was well managed I have been able to retire, travel and feel confident in being OK financially for whatever the future brings.  For all of this I am sincerely thankful!"

- T.A., October 2021

"Robert and his team are distinguished by their on-going communication and accessibility. I've been a client for 20+ years, which includes their advisory in the sale of my business. Whether it's guidance, monthly updates or market commentary, their service level is unparalleled.”

- R.W., October 2021

"The efforts and results of Nassim and her team have provided us, and our family, with a peace of mind that comes from knowing that our needs and interests are always foremost in their thoughts."

- T.D., October 2021

"We’ve been working with Robert and his team for over 20 years.  He is very responsive to our requests and a real pleasure to deal with.  He provides us with great insight into the current and future outlooks and is very knowledgeable about up and coming companies and trends in the marketplace. We’ve recently had funds transferred from a third party and Robert’s team took care of everything for us. We couldn’t have done it on our own and really appreciate the time and effort that they put in. Being away from Vancouver, we really rely on email and phone calls to stay connected to them and they are always available and respond quickly to our concerns."

- D.P. & B.P., October 2021


"Our family has worked with Robert and his team for close to 25 years.  During that time, we have had the opportunity to experience Robert’s very high level of care and diligence in dealing with our affairs.   Whether it has been managing and growing our wealth, or helping to organize our estate, Robert and his team have continued to go above and beyond to ensure our family is well looked after.  We ensure that all of our new business goes to Robert. We are fortunate to work with Robert and his team, whom are highly professional, knowledgeable and always go the extra mile for us.  The service we have received and the attention to detail provided by Robert’s group has consistently been truly outstanding"

- J.R. & I.R., November 2021