Philosophy & Services

Business Philosophy:

I firmly believe that everyone needs a plan to feel comfortable about their financial future, and working with an investment professional to manage the emotions that can sabotage financial goals is crucial.  I also believe that a key determinant to successful investing requires owning a mix of assets likely to generate the returns you need while minimizing your exposure to risk.  Based on this, my clients are educated on what securities they own in their portfolio and why they own those particular securities; allowing them to have confidence in their customized financial plan.  In my opinion, to be truly happy, individuals should focus their time and energy on what they do best and engage experts to serve their other demands. 

Investment Approach:

My investment approach is best described as goals-based investing.  We start off by determining your current net worth and after-tax annual cash flow.  We then work to clearly define all short-term and long-term goals to get a better picture of your highest priorities.  Once the goals are defined I analyze the returns needed to achieve each goal given the time horizon and tailor the portfolio to be best positioned to realize those goals in the most tax-efficient manner, while mitigating risk.  Our measurement of performance is therefore not an arbitrary percentage return, comparison to other investors or benchmark index, but rather the progress towards reaching each personal goal as originally defined in the plan.



The Full Wealth Management Solution


Financial Planning 

• Goal setting

• Cash-flow analysis

• Net worth assessment

• Investment planning

• Retirement planning

• Income and asset protection

• Estate planning

• Tax efficiency


Investment Planning

• Establishment of investment objectives

• Asset allocation strategy development

• Portfolio design and security selection

• Investment management and advice

• Selection and monitoring of investment managers

• Periodic portfolio reviews and rebalancing


Credit and Banking Strategies

• Effective credit management –mortgage, line of credit, personal and business loans

• Cash management


Retirement Planning

• Identify goals

• Evaluate expected income

• Determine additional savings needed

• At retirement, develop a tax-efficient income strategy


Protecting Your Lifestyle

• Income continuance planning (life and disability insurance)

• Develop asset protection strategies (mortgage life insurance, business continuation insurance, critical illness and long-term care insurance and insurance for estate planning)


Legacy Planning

• Assess current and potential estate value

• Determine obligations (debts, dependants, taxes and probate costs)

• Identify estate planning issues and opportunities

• Devise strategies to fund obligations and wishes


Tax Efficiency

• Review current and future tax situations

• Uncover opportunities to save taxes or defer taxation

• Develop strategies to cover future tax liabilities


Business Financial Services

• Access to Commercial Banking Specialists

• Business investment management

• Succession planning and business transfer assistance



• Establish a donor advised fund or private foundation