Client Profile


Choosing a professional to manage your financial future is not a task that should be taken lightly.  It's important to find the right fit and work with someone who shares your values and has an investment philosophy that you agree with.  Before we work together there is a 360 interview that takes place because it is just as important for me to be selective in who I work with to ensure a successful relationship.

Characteristics my clients have:

  • Commitment to developing a full wealth planning strategy and following through
  • Clearly defined personal goals and values; desire to align their financial choices based on these
  • Agree that successful wealth management is best defined as meeting goals and having the quality of life desired
  • Want to simplify life by delegating financial matters to a trusted advisor; willingness to listen to this advice and follow the plan rather than chasing fads or trying to time markets
  • Affluent individuals and families who understand their financial situation is complex and therefore see the value in working with a professional to manage their wealth



Business Owners:

I understand the challenges facing business owners and I work with you and your other professionals to help address these.  You have worked very hard to make your business successful and chances are it is your main asset to fund your retirement, so you want to grow and protect the value of your efforts.  Whether it is helping you diversify by investing assets inside a holding company, providing cash management services, or putting together a business succession plan, we can provide you with the expert advice so you can stayed focused on your business.


As a professional you have unique wealth management needs.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or have an incorporated practice, we have the solutions to grow and manage your personal finances.  As an example, tax planning using family trusts, understanding personal holding companies, or proper insurance coverage are all areas of consideration we can guide professionals through.

Agriculture & Fisheries:

Farming and fishing are key industries and the livelihood for many families on Prince Edward Island.  It is more than a business and in a major way defines who you are and shapes your values and work ethic.  We know that today's modern operations are evolving and that proper long term financial planning is key to ensuring that opportunities exist for the next generation. 

High net worth families:

Inter-generational wealth transfer and tax planning are key items that come to mind for most high net worth families.  However, we also provide perspective and contribute to family discussions to help families define and achieve their financial, social and philanthropic ambitions.  Having an independent voice contribute to the family conversation can often help clarify issues and allow the family to focus on what is most important to them.