Managed Portfolio Account - Discretionary Portfolio Management

  • Sophisticated wealth management made truly personal

  • A Managed Portfolio Account (MPA) is a portfolio where the team executes the day-to-day investment decisions in accordance with the your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • As your Portfolio Managers, we construct and manage tailor-made portfolio, selecting the securities in keeping with your goals and objectives

  • You directly own holdings in the account and we manage it on a discretionary basis, allowing us the flexibility to select unique investments, recommend trading strategies, address issues such as tax efficiency, and quickly take advantage of changes in the market on your behalf

  • Competitive fees that may be tax-deductible for non-registered portfolios


Meridian Program

  • Non-discretionary fee-based advisory account

  • Offers the benefits of the team's full-service investing advice for one all-inclusive fee

  • Competitive fees that may be tax-deductible for non-registered accounts


Architect Program


  • The Architect Program is the next evolution in unified managed accounts – the Unified Investment Account

  • One master account with managed and non-managed components (sleeves)

  • Tax aware – managed sleeves of the account can generate tax losses to offset gains at year-end

  • Consolidated statement shows overall portfolio performance, as well as performance for each individual sleeve

  • Simplicity – one account, one fee, one set of documents, one statement

  • Offers a customized investment solution across a variety of asset classes and investment styles

  • Highly diversified – multiple investment products provide the ability to create strategically diversified portfolios

  • Fees may be tax-deductible for non-registered portfolios