Optimizing Your Portfolio


Getting to know you

When we welcome a new client to Paul Hartford Wealth Management, we talk to them for as long as it takes to understand who they are and what their family is all about. We will ensure they understand what risk is and explain what it means to structure a portfolio. The more investors understand, the less they panic when stock prices change and the better they sleep at night. We break complex concepts down into simple terms our clients can understand and believe in investing only in the understandable. We manage portfolios customized to each of our client’s unique parameters and report performance through portfolio reviews every three months.


Understanding and managing risk

An investor’s time horizon often defines their risk tolerance. The triangle below represents a typical portfolio: investments involve more risk higher up on the triangle.




  • A younger investor’s triangle will be tall, focusing on growth for the long term (top).
  • A middle-aged investor’s triangle will be balanced, representing growth, income and some preservation depending on their risk tolerance (middle).
  • An older investor’s triangle will be short and squat, because it focuses on low-risk investments that can generate income for retirement (bottom).



Goals-based investing

Understanding your needs and risk tolerance, we will help you to understand what you need versus what you want. Investing is not about beating the market; it’s about building a portfolio designed to achieve your individual goals.


Seeking value

Finding quality stocks that are underpriced has always been our strategy. You’re not buying a stock; you’re buying a business. We analyze how much of that business we are getting for your dollar, focus on limited companies that give us the best value, and always wait for the right prices before buying.


Due diligence

We select our own stocks using both top-ranked BMO Capital Markets research and outside coverage.


Cross-border expertise

At Paul Hartford Wealth Management, we are licensed to advise investors south of the border and have several clients who are US residents and/or ex-pat Canadians. We understand US tax implications, and work with US-based tax planners to ensure our US-based clients have the best advice.