Our Process is a Two-Way Partnership

A strategic wealth management approach ensures that a customized solution is designed and applied through a disciplined process, to take you through all the financial stages of life: building, preserving and transferring wealth.

We will work with you to take inventory of your current financial situation to ensure it is aligned with your overall wealth management goals.



1. Clarifying Your Goals

We will begin exploring your goals, needs and visions through open conversations.

  • What is important to you? Is it your family? Your retirement? Your legacy?
  • Identify your life goals, issues and concerns


This first step helps clarify and provide a clear understanding of where you are today, and more importantly, your vision for the future.

2. Analyzing Needs/Defining Your Vision

This step involves gathering fundamental financial information to conduct a financial analysis. Through this analysis we will:

  • Review your goals and current financial position
  • Identify and explain opportunities and issues
  • Assess and explain any gaps
  • Re-confirm and prioritize your goals and visions

After reviewing your current financial position, exploring possible opportunities and addressing any gaps, you will be in a position to consider the solutions that will help you meet your goals.







3. Exploring Alternative Strategies

We will explore and assess each strategy and solution identified in the previous step.


4. Specific Solutions

By understanding the benefits and impact of each strategy, you are now in a position to make an informed decision of which ones will best help you meet your goals.

  • We will make specific recommendations and identify action items



5. Implementing Your Plan

After deciding on a final plan of action, we will:


  • Work closely with you to implement specific strategies and execute action items identified in your proposed plan
  • These may include developing an Investment Policy to establish a foundation for your assets
  • Draw on the professional resources of BMO Financial Group as needed to implement your wealth management strategy


6. Ongoing Review

Our comprehensive wealth management approach forms a continuous loop that allows us to make the ongoing adjustments required to keep your wealth plan closely aligned with your vision