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My wife and I have been a clienf of Murphy Chan for approximately ten years and over the years have found him to be very knowledgable, trustworthy, and an honest individual and believe me when i say I have dealt with "crooks" in the past. Murphy has provided us advice and guidance on the mangement of our investments, which I am very happy with and for our estate plan. We pay Murphy based on a fee based structure on the value of our portfolio and not based on transactional commissions. Murphy is always looking after our best interest and he knows that my kindness sometimes gets the best of me, as I have given/loan money to people and have been cheated out of repayment and have been taken advantage of. As a retired senior, Murphy knows that sometimes we get subjected to scams and fraud over the phone and in person. Murphy has given me a simple solution to address this, to simply advise anyone trying to obtain funds from me that I will have to discuss it first with my Investment Advisor or to have them call Murphy direct. Muphy has help set up our accounts to minimize taxes and probate and we are very happy to have Murphy as our Investment Advisor and would definitely recommend him to others. 

Mr. and Mrs. T
Private Business Owners

I have been asked by Murphy Chan to provide him with a letter assessing his performance as my portfolio manager for more years than I can readily recall. I am happy to do so because he has in all this time been utterly reliable and unfailingly agreeable. I cannot recall his ever having been other than informed, prompt and completely trustworthy. He has also become a friend. I am agreeable to enlarging on any of this if called on to do so. 

Mr B., PHD
University Professor

As a retired professional woman, I am appreciative of the well rounded full-service approach of the MC Wealth Management Team. Working with the team, I have full knowledge and understanding of the investment strategies and risk profile for my portfolio.  I know my investments suit my needs and goals. I value the peace of mind from the team’s long term approach that has sheltered me from the short term volatilities of the market.  They have helped me to be at ease through market turmoil and uncertain times. I have certainty of the professionalism of the team. The team is relationship oriented and responsive to my queries. They work hard to smooth the way for me. 

Mrs. C., CA
Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm

I am a retired teacher who has known Murphy Chan for 20 years. As my financial advisor, I have found him to be honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous. When I met with Murphy for the first time, I was very pleased to find out that he was well qualified in his field. Through the years he has continued to keep up on current developments that are taking place in the financial field. As an investor I do like to know what is happening with my portfolio and I appreciate that Murphy phones me on a timely basis to tell me what is happening with my accounts. Besides his phone calls he has met with me, both in his office and with my husband and me at our house, with major updates. I believe that Murphy has looked after my interests. As an older investor my portfolio should have a combination of both income and growth and I feel that through his guidance I do have this. While my relationship with Murphy has been because of finances, I am impressed by the fact that his family is very important to him. I have found the experience of working with Murphy Chan to have been very beneficial. I do not hesitate to recommend him to others who wish to work with him  to set up, or readjust, their portfolio.

Mrs. S

We first came into contact with Murphy in 2001. At the time we were with another financial advisor although we had concerns over the type of service we were receiving. Initially we opened a small account with Murphy and through the years our relationship has grown so that now Murphy and his team are our sole financial advisors.  
Murphy has turned out to be a breath of fresh air for us. He is bright, diligent, and highly sensitive to our needs as we move towards retirement. Unlike in our previous experience, Murphy contacts us regularly and is always able to explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of his communications. He gives sound advice based not only on good research from BMO Nesbitt Burns, but also on his own acute understanding of the capital markets and financial planning. In all our interactions we always feel his primary concern is our well-being and best interest. 
Murphy is a hardworking man and we have always respected his love of his family, so we were excited to meet his son and associate, Mathew, when they came by our house at Christmas to deliver flowers. Mathew is very much his father’s son. We were glad to learn an accountant was joining the ‘family business’ and we were going to have continuity in our relationship for years to come.
In essence, Murphy’s client sensitive approach, combined with good research has allowed us to remain on plan to reach our retirement goals. We highly recommend him and his team to others seeking trustworthy advice on financial planning and investments.

Mr. and Mrs. D
Executive in Mining Sector transitioning to joining his wife in an enjoyable and active retirement