Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

Our team is backed by decades of experience and distinguished professional designations. Years of investment experience, Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Canadian Investment Manager, and Chartered Professional Accountant are only some of the qualifications that make the MC Wealth Management Team outstanding in our field.

What makes you unique from other Investment Advisors?

We work with clients who share our values, who we feel we can help and enjoy working with. We distinguish ourselves through creating excellent relationships. We don't aim to be everyone's investment advisor. We want to work for people we truly believe we can help. People who are in situations we are experienced with and in which we excel. 

Are you Independent?

We are fully independent in our investment choices and decisions. We are not limited to BMO specific investments. We carefully review and evaluate all investment choices and decisions.

What is the typical profile of the clients you work with?

We specialize in working with busy professionals, private business owners, retirees and those nearing retirement. Our clients are savers, they're busy, they have a vision of the future, and they are looking for advice and help to get there.   

Where does your research come from for the investments you recommend?

The research behind many of our investment decisions comes from the BMO Nesbitt Burns Research Team of almost 80 analysts covering over 900 companies around the world.  BMO Capital Markets has won numerous awards for research in Equities, Fixed Income, and Currencies.

We augment our top-rated BMO research with research from a wide range of global financial institutions and boutiques. This ensures we have as much knowledge from as many sources as possible backing our decisions.

If the researchers are members of BMO team, are they biased towards BMO products?

No, our research team at BMO looks at opportunities from all around the world. More than 95% of BMO Capital Market’s coverage universe of stocks, fixed income, currencies, mutual funds, hedge funds, and other investments are not BMO products.

What about the investment products I already have?

We will review each specific investment you currently hold and determine which, if any, should be held, and which should be sold according to your investment strategy and Investment Policy Statement. We base our decisions on not only our years of experience, but also our extensive research capabilities.

How easy is it for me to switch from my current advisor over to yourselves?

The administration of moving your investments from whom you currently deal with over to The MC Wealth Managemetn Team is carried out with very little administrative inconvenience to you the client. A simple set of forms signed by you enables us to move the custody of all the funds over to our team within BMO Nesbitt Burns. We take care of all the admin for you.

How and how much will I pay for your services?

For Discretionary Portfolio Management, you pay a fixed percentage no matter how many transactions, there are no commission charges, no per transaction charges, no hidden fees for advice etc. We are committed to full transparency in all we do. This means we have no bias, no motivation other than ensuring we do our best to invest, build and advise you on your wealth management. Our fees are simply deducted from your account on a regular basis and statements issued to you for tax purposes, as all fees on taxable accounts are potentially deductible against revenue.

What can I expect for the fees I will pay?

In addition to investment advice, you can expect regular communication and review of your portfolio; review of any investments and assets held outside of The MC Wealth Managment Team; customized financial plans; and any other desired wealth management advice.