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Healthcare Professionals

Our 'Concierge Model' - A Premium Level of Service

We are committed to serving the unique wealth management needs of Medical Professionals such as: Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, and Veterinarians among others.

We understand that running a successful healthcare practice is challenging and that achieving a good work/life balance is important. Our integrated approach to your practice saves you time and helps you maximize your professional income, investments and retirement savings while allowing you to enjoy the rewards of your professonal and personal life.

We are familiar with the many life stages medical professionals go through and have followed some of our clients through residency programs, private practice, staff positions at hospitals, clinics, colleges and, eventually retirement.

As a Medical Professional, you are accustomed to working with other professionals and expect high quality, efficient service. We pride ourselves on being a 'high touch' investment advisory and place a premium on ensuring every client interaction is positive and professional. We are respectful of your busy schedule and know that your time is a valuable commodity. You can be confident your requests will be addressed in a timely manner by our competent, experienced team. We will ease your mind and relieve you of the responsibilities associated with your personal wealth management.

What we do:

* help you manage your income tax effectively, grow your wealth through strategic investment and help make the necessary preparations for your retirement

* help you plan your cash flow and decide how much to pay yourself and how much to retain within your corporation.

* help you assess any OMA Priority Insurance Plan (OPIP), Life insurance and Disability Income Insurance you already have in place and identify any gaps in coverage.

* assist in setting up family trusts and investment corporations, management and/or holding companies and structuring your proprietorship, partnership or professional medical corporation.

* set up alternative renumeration strategies such as Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)

* help arrange appropriate financing and/or business and personal debt structuring