Forging a Partnership with Energy, Passion and Know-How.






The focus of our practice is to help investors achieve their financial objectives through insightful, long-term wealth management strategies. We are committed to providing comprehensive advice that is conservative, disciplined, and objective.


Following a truly client focused philosophy, we deliver what clients want, rather than rely on an established menu of a la carte offerings. Most of our patrons are affluent investors with an entrepreneurial mindset who demand a high degree of customization.


Our financial stewardship begins with creating a financial plan that is appropriate for you. We take the time to understand your financial goals, your risk tolerances, your time horizon and your current wealth structure. This then evolves into a customized strategy and portfolio construction process that encompasses proven, diverse strategies designed to enhance returns while minimizing risk.


We maintain clear, consistent communication and provide regular monthly reporting to keep you informed. Timely adjustments are brought to your attention whenever necessary to ensure the optimal effectiveness of your plan, your strategy, and your investment portfolio, and you are included in each step of the process to your own, desired, degree of involvement.

At the Rorabeck Wealth Advisory Group, we speak both English and French.