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Kirby Pozniak

Investment Advisor

Tel: 306-343-3685
Tel: 800-667-2633

Kirby Pozniak

River Center
475 2nd Ave South, 3rd Floor
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1P4

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Value Proposition

Professional Wealth Management

My focus is on meeting the financial needs of individuals and small business owners through a value added approach to wealth management. The values I provide are:
  1. Uncover inefficiencies in previous portfolio construction to help you achieve your goals sooner.
  2. Build revenue streams from stagnant assets.
  3. Bring discipline and process towards investment management.
First, as your net worth grows, the range of investment options and strategies available to you also grow. The investment options available to larger portfolios can be cost prohibitive due to asset constraints when most people are starting to invest. However, as your wealth grows, the increased size of the portfolio allows you to employ sophisticated strategies that will lower overall costs which will significantly contribute to growth.

Second, as stagnant (depreciating) assets accrue in a portfolio, they will negatively impact the income generating potential of your portfolio. By leveraging our Portfolio Advisory Group, we focus on selecting quality companies with a stable and growing dividend. The positions are monitored daily, with a full review every quarter to ensure when a security begins to underperform, it is removed before it can become a negative drag on performance.

Finally, the value I provide is a buy and sell discipline and a repeatable process to portfolio management. Stagnant assets in portfolios by definition don’t grow as forecasted and will negatively impact your financial goals. However, behavioural investing shows that investors tend to hold on to their losing position for longer and sell their winners prematurely. By working with me, I will add value by implementing discipline and process to your portfolio to limit these negative impacts to take the emotion out of investing.      

If you would like to sit down and review you current strategy and see how I may be of benefit to you, please feel free to contact me directly at 306-343-3685.