KMD Group: Providing Advisory and Portfolio Management Services to Clients.

With over 39 years of experience in building wealth and assisting clients reach their financial goals...

Meet our distinguished Wealth Management Team, led by our seasoned Senior Investment Advisor, Ken and his 39 years of experience!

With a wealth of knowledge cultivated over the years, our team brings a rare depth of insight and a proven track record of navigating the intricacies of the financial landscape. Drawing upon this rich experience, our team is dedicated to crafting bespoke financial strategies tailored to your unique aspirations, ensuring that your financial journey is guided by wisdom, precision, and a commitment to your long-term success.


Discover the advantage of partnering with a team that combines time-tested experience with a forward-thinking approach, ushering you towards a future of financial prosperity and peace of mind.


Our Commitment to You:

► Building a long term plan and a road-map for your finances.

► Being transparent and have consistent communication.

► Providing you support every step of the way.



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Pre-or Post-Retiree:

We help clients reaching retirement or in their retirement stage by strategically blending investment growth opportunities to enhance their portfolio, implementing tax-efficient strategies to optimize returns, generating income, and emphasizing capital preservation to safeguard their wealth, ensuring a well-rounded and secure financial plan tailored to their retirement goals.

We can guide you through an effective and holistic planning process in areas such as intergenerational wealth transfer, cash flow, long-term care, retirement and estate planning (including counsel at family meetings to share thoughts, wishes and objectives); establishing/updating wills and powers of attorney; using insurance as a safety net; and appointing an appropriate executor to ensure your benefactors are secured for the future.

Young Professional:

We can work with you on a financial plan that reflects your priorities, ambitions, and long-term financial horizon – counsel around home ownership, debt management, stewardship of family wealth, saving and investing for retirement, and professional referrals to help you build a trusted network.

Business Owner/Entrepreneur:

Whether start-up or mature business, we can help align your personal goals and priorities with the income-generating needs you face as an owner, including cash-flow management, preservation of capital, financing, tax and succession planning, etc.

Parent, Guardian or Primary Caregiver:

We can assist you in preparing an effective education savings plan that includes calculating the cost of a post-secondary education; creating a savings strategy; determining account types in an RESP; advice on balancing financial priorities; and implementing, and monitoring, your educational plan.

Living with a Disability or Caring for Someone with a Disability:

We can address ways to improve your financial well-being through solutions that include potential government benefits and tax credits, and developing a financial plan with decision-making directives and insurance alternatives.


Understanding Our Strategy

We understand that developing the right solutions goes beyond numbers. Building and maintaining long-term relationships so that we understand your goals, dreams, lifestyle, challenges and standards are an integral part of our process. We pride ourselves in maintaining consistent and concise communication with our clients to ensure our strategies are going just as planned and celebrating the wins along the way.