Our Promise

We want to Build with you from Day 1 and for that we have a Process:

1. Discovery - Learning more about you, your lifestyle, goals, plans for the future and how you want your life to be at retirement.

2. Create a Plan - Once we have everything in Discovery, we will create roadmap and an Investment plan on how we plan to execute each of your goals timely and concisely.

3. Monitor and maintain contact - We will send you consistent reports and progress updates about your accounts so you know how were doing and have the peace of mind knowing the plans we discussed are being executed.

4. Review - as things progress in your life and there are challenges and "speedbumps" down the road, we want to make sure we are there for you every step of the way and ensure we can do the best to be on track with our plan.


Special Services for You

➤ Special situations equity and bond trading

➤ Portfolio Development and Strategies

➤ Retirement Planning - RRSP's/RRIF's

➤ Investment Planning for growth and income

➤ Equity Option Strategies for hedging or income generation

➤ Estate Planning and Trust Services


Creating a Strategic Approach

Our goal is to design a solution specifically for you, to maximize opportunities and better equip you for potential challenges down the road.

We will assess and evaluate your current situation and understand your goals to develop a tailor-made wealth plan. This will include a roadmap that will outline step-by-step plan to achieve the income, growth and clear parameters to achieve your goals.

Beyond customized portfolio management – the inherent skill sets of asset allocation and balancing risk against reward – you can expect a comprehensive financial roadmap through ongoing, strategic and practical advice that’s rooted in experience, discipline, and an eye on your short- and long-term objectives.