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Investment Management 

       ....a customized approach using Discretionary Portfolio Managment 

Discretionary portfolio management means giving a professional Portfolio Manager authority to make an investment decision on your behalf.  Your investment strategy is designed and managed according to your clearly -documented needs and goals.  However, online a traditional investment account, it is not necessary for you to review and approve every single transaction.  

Portfolio managers have the highest credentials available to investment professionals.  They have attained specialized certification, accumulated years of experience advising clients, and demonstrated the utmost in care and integrity with substantial assets under administration.  Discretionary portfolio management gives you more freedom and peace of mind to work on what matters most which is your goals.  

By delegating the management of your investments to a personal Portfolio Manager, you reap the rewards of a highly customized investment strategy and professional management without having to devote your time to daily decision making.


The benefits of our portfolio management services

  • Provides absolute flexibility in terms of asset allocation, speed of
    execution and diversification of the overall personal portfolio

  • Allows portfolio managers to manage portfolio risk to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term

  • Complete transparency in security selection, transaction execution, and fees charged

  • Allows for easy tax-loss harvesting

  • Helps to efficiently manage investments across multiple accounts for multiple people within the same family

  • Prevents over-diversification and overconcentration, a risk often encountered by investors investing in investment funds

Our philosophy for investment management

  • We use a long-term buy-and-hold high-quality companies approach.

  • Asset allocation (asset class, sectors, and geography) is as important as security selection.

  • Our investment process is based on discipline and is extremely methodical to eliminate as much as possible the emotions of the investment process.

  • We use technical analysis to optimize our entries and exits in selected securities.

  • Risk management is more important than maximizing returns.

  • Markets are volatile, but in the long run, they are in an upward trajectory and are one of the greatest sources of wealth creation.

  • We do not try to anticipate the very short-term movements of the markets.