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COVID-19 Podcast  

October 30: In this episode, Richard Belley, Fixed Income Strategist and Portfolio Manager, BMO Nesbitt Burns, and Michael Gregory, Deputy Chief Economist, BMO Capital Markets discuss the Bank of Canada’s strong monetary response to the current economic crisis. After explaining the bank’s quantitative easing program, Richard and Michael dive into a discussion of how long current monetary policy could last, the potential of an inflationary cycle, and who will end up paying for the growing deficit.


Joint Tenancy vs Co Tenancy

In this short video learn the difference between Joint Tenancy and Co Tenacy, and learn the impact each type of owndership on property.

Age of Majority 

The Age of Majority is different in every province.  Learn how the Age of Majority can impact you depending on where you live in Canada.

Per Stirpes vs Per Capita

When dealing with a will, I often get the question about what the difference is and what it means for your estate.

Financial Planning 

Learn about the value of Financial Planning and how we are doing as Canadians.