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Why work with George Ripoll, CFA, MBA, CAIA, CIM, PFP?

With so many different options and misrepresentations being illustrated in investing, it’s hard to believe that an individual from the small community of Peterborough, Ontario can make such a positive impact on the lives of so many. Don’t let the immense amount of letters behind his name intimidate you, George, although very well educated in the field of investing, also brings a warming personal component to all of the work that he does.

Located in the core of the business hub of the Kawartha’s at 311 George Street North in Peterborough, BMO Private Wealth draws attention from a diverse group of individual and institutional investors, due to its large global scale and award winning research. The fact that this can be offered within the local community is something that has definitely drawn interest from afar. Aside from the vast array of in-house experts provided by BMO, George has made it a goal to partner with other highly touted professionals and businesses in the Peterborough and surrounding area that he believes in, to deliver the highest quality service. George’s hope is to positively impact the lives of his clients, which allows for a lasting impact in the local community for years to come, which is why he believes in terming his methodology as 'Impact Investing'.