World-class wealth leadership

At Bower & Associates, we are honoured to serve a select group of clients. Our clients are amazing people, and we are fortunate to guide them on their financial journey and to learn with them – and from them – every single day.
Our team delivers conservative, customized, intergenerational wealth planning and investment management to help families and business owners build and preserve lasting wealth and achieve financial security. As trusted advisors, we assist our clients to define and achieve the financial future they desire while navigating uncertainties and simplifying complexities.

We begin by getting a complete overview of your family wealth, the life you want to live and the objectives you have set for yourself, your family and your business so that we can create a portfolio and WealthPlan that reflect your priorities.  
Our offering centres around three key values:

Our Three Key Values are ethics, growing professionally and personally, and balance

Our vision is to provide world class service and to make positive connections with people that are the bright points of their day.