Our Culture

Our Culture

We maintain a proactive presence.

  • We keep in touch so you can feel confident that we’re taking care of your assets and financial matters. You will always be well informed about your accounts and our recommendations, wherever you are in the world. And we won’t disappear in moments of market volatility.

  • ​We follow a defined communications schedule and hold regular review meetings at your desired frequency. 

We are well-positioned to advise multiple generations of your family.

  • Wealth management is a family affair. Our multi-generational team of advisors offers long-term continuity to serve the needs of all your generations.  

We operate ethically. 

  • We are open and transparent about our fees and advise you objectively with no bias to any product or platform. Your interests come first. 

We are highly qualified and constantly learning.

  • In addition to holding respected financial designations, we have the wisdom and backing of an industry veteran: Cam Bower, who has more than four decades of first-hand experience serving the needs of very affluent clients. 

When it comes to service, we knock it out of the park.

  • When you call, we do our best to respond in one hour, and within 24 hours in unforeseen circumstances.

  • We stay with you until issues are resolved and won’t abandon you to a help line or anyone else.

  • Our clients are globe trotters who have homes in Mexico, Maui, the Cayman Islands and other locales. We will accommodate your needs despite the time changes from all across the globe.

  • We enjoy forming deep relationships, building trust and bringing our clients a very enjoyable experience. 

We can add the most value when working with clients who:

  • Want to enhance and preserve their family wealth over the long term.

  • Have assets in the multiple millions and the complexities that come with family businesses, multiple real estate properties in various countries, agricultural businesses, and dynamic family circumstances that call for sophisticated estate planning solutions. 

  • Value and want to maintain healthy, open family relationships.

  • Are too busy living and working to manage the details of their financial matters and appreciate knowing that professionals whom they know and trust are keeping their best interests top of mind. 

  • Think of their wealth not in terms of numbers but in terms of the power it brings them to live full lives.

  • Like to laugh and have phenomenal, epic conversations with us.