Account Program and Services Overview

Product Selection. Expertise. Exceptional Client Service.

As a full service investment firm, we offer a wide variety of services and products to meet the diverse needs of the investor.

Using a detailed discovery method, we can prepare a comprehensive financial plan which analyzes the following areas: retirement planning, net worth statement, estate planning, education needs for your children, and tax planning . This assessment allows us to gain insight on your financial circumstances and risk tolerance which drives our investment strategy that is then customized to your needs.

Our Managed Programs offer you professional money management, adherence to sound risk management principles and stringent portfolio monitoring. Our account structures are below, and if you would like to learn more please contact our team.

The Managed Portfolio Account Program® is a managed account program where the Investment Advisor acts as the portfolio manager. This program offers clients a highly customized investment strategy and professional management without having to devote their time to day-to-day decision making.


The Architect Program® is an alternative managed account solution – a unified managed account (UMA) that brings together the best of mutual fund investing (broad and accessible diversification) with the best of separately managed accounts (institutional money management, customized portfolios, and direct ownership of the underlying securities). All brought together in one coordinated portfolio, with all the rigorous oversight and due diligence from our internal and external teams.

The Meridian Program® is our non-discretionary portfolio management solution.