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Women are an increasingly important and powerful demographic and currently control one third of the wealth in North America. However, when it comes to making financial decisions, approximately 80 percent of women are either the primary decision maker in their household or share in the decision making responsibilities with their spouse or partner. Further, it is estimated that nine in 10 women will have sole responsibility for their finances at some point in their lifetime – and often as a result of the death of a spouse/partner or divorce.
Women and Wealth: In Her Own Words
Research shows that gender strongly influences the path women and men take to plan their retirement. While retirement is typically presented as a “couple” experience—a stage of life that men and women share with their partners—the reality is that retirement is very often lived alone, whether by choice or as the result of divorce or the death of your spouse.
Unique Challenges Women Face in Retirement
Nadia runs a successful consulting business in downtown Calgary. It struggled a bit during the pandemic, but is rebounding nicely. Recently divorced, Nadia lives with her three school-aged children and is also a part-time caregiver to her ailing mother who lost her husband to cancer three years ago. A typical day for Nadia is one of constant juggling between her duties as an entrepreneur, mother, and caregiver. And she is not alone.
Estate Planning for Women
Talking to Your Kids About Money, provides tips and teaching tools that can be incorporated into family conversations, whether a child (or grandchild) is elementary school aged or will soon be heading away to college or university.
Talking to Your Kids About Money
When a child starts to receive or earn their own money through an allowance, family gifts or a part-time job, their natural instinct is to spend it all. However, it’s never too early to start teaching children the importance of savings, and to respect the fact that money can also serve other goals, like sharing it to help others.
Teaching your children about money
Separation from a spouse or common-law partner can be a distressing and difficult experience. It is important to understand how a relationship breakdown may affect your future financial situation. Your wealth is comprised of the assets and property owned by you and your former spouse or common-law partner and will be profoundly impacted by a separation or divorce.
Separation, Divorce and Your Financial Plan
Communication is essential in any relationship, and that includes being able to talk about money. In a BMO Financial Group study,1 Canadians cited conflicts over finances (68 per cent) as the primary reason why a couple might divorce; ahead of infidelity (60 per cent) and disagreements about family (36 per cent). Money has the potential to be a source of tension and conflict for any couple, regardless of their net worth. This article provides some suggestions to help you and your partner have more meaningful discussions around money.
Having Meaningful Money Conversations With Your Partner
Meeting With Your Financial Advisor As A Couple
Meeting With Your Financial Advisor As A Couple
Consider the following suggestions on how to approach some common topics that you may need to discuss with your aging parents.
Common topics adult children may need to discuss with their aging parents
The 70-40 rule is a guideline — if you’re at least 70 or your adult children are at least 40, it’s time to start a discussion about some of the more sensitive issues.
The 70-40 rule: Helping aging parents communicate with their adult children
The 40-70 rule is a guideline — if you’re at least 40 or if your parents are at least 70, it’s time to start a discussion about some of the more sensitive issues.
The 40-70 rule: Helping adult children communicate with their aging parents
Women in Wealth: A financial golden age has arrived
Women in Wealth: A financial golden age has arrived
Are There Gender Differences Among Entrepreneurs?
Are There Gender Differences Among Entrepreneurs?


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