Consider this analogy:

If you start a race 1/2 way ahead of everyone else, the odds are on your side that you are going to place well. So let's assume the target return on your investment is 6% to sustain your retirement lifestyle. If you have a 3% annual dividend built into your portfolio, you are already half way there.

Income Dependability and Capital Preservation are 2 Common Priorities for our clients who have retirement in sight or already retired.

However, when we conduct investment reviews for potential new clients, one common theme we uncover is that throughout their various investment portfolios, a portion of their capital will simply be redeemed and the cash deposited to their bank account. Their investments do not produce the income they will require to sustain their retirement lifestyle. This strategy will potentially eat away at their capital as there is little downside protection as they redeem monies during fluctuating markets.

Holding a portfolio of blue chip, dividend paying companies has often proven to be a sound investment strategy. The Dennis-Rawson Wealth Advisory Group wants to ensure you have peace of mind knowing your team is focused on your priorities: Income, Dependability, and Capital Preservation.

- Creating Dependable Income Today, Tomorrow, Together -