Commuted Value Cash or Guaranteed Monthly Pension –
Which is the Best Pension Option for You?

There are many lifestyle factors to consider, features to review and important decisions to be made regarding your retirement package. The paperwork can be overwhelming, it can be filled with a bunch of unfamiliar terms and jargon and you feel like you need a “decoder ring” to figure it all out. It can be a stressful process for many.
The Dennis-Rawson Wealth Advisory Group is here to educate you and simplify your options so that you can make a confident and informed decision.

We analyze your retirement package by first establishing your break even point. The break even point will advise you what rate of return you need to obtain on the Commuted Value Cash Option in order to mimic the Guaranteed Monthly Pension option. This is an essential step for you to understanding which option makes sense for you.
A thorough review of the pros and cons is discussed. Will you maintain your health benefits if you chose the commuted value? Are you married or single? What will happen to each option upon your death, how are your loved ones impacted? Is it important to guarantee a part of your income? Is there health and longevity in your family history? What does your spending in retirement look like? And much more....
Only then can we make a recommendation that makes sense for you.


- Creating Dependable Income Today, Tomorrow, Together -