Christopher Loy CPA, CA

Vice-President, Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Tel: 416-359-4047
Fax: 416-359-6535
Toll Free: 1800-263-1883


BMO Nesbitt Burns
1 First Canadian Place
39th Floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

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Investment Process

Developing an Investment Portfolio

An Overview of my Process 

I carefully craft investment portfolios using the following multi-step process: 

1. I begin with an understanding of you, your investment goals and objectives. I define your tolerance for investment risk and your investment time horizon. I pay careful attention to any special circumstances or considerations that you might have, as well as any investment preferences. In short, I begin with a clear profile of you as an investor.

2. I will analyze your current portfolio’s asset mix, identifying any unnecessary investment risks. I will then recommend an optimized, long-term asset mix strategy that will help to maximize your potential for investment returns, while minimizing the level of investment risk within your portfolio. 

3. Once your asset mix is established, I will recommend investments and specialist investment managers for your portfolio. I will recommend a solution that will provide the added benefit of manager, investment style and capitalization diversification. 

4. On an ongoing basis your portfolio will be monitored to ensure it continues to be appropriate for your needs and continue to meet the stringent standards set by BMO Nesbitt Burns.

5. As necessary, I will recommend that your portfolio be rebalanced to maintain the asset mix allocations selected for you so that your portfolio is always optimally allocated – maximizing your potential for investment returns, given your stated level of investment risk.