Understanding Goals in Times of Uncertainty

"Moving across the country was a huge decision for us and having to rearrange our financial affairs have been anxiety provoking to say the least. You came highly recommended to us by Doug Patton, and we feel indebted to him.
Our experience with you has been extremely positive and reassures us that we are in good hands. You and Spencer have demonstrated that you understand and appreciate our values and financial goals and has provided us with a customized portfolio that reflects that you truly listen. We appreciate your clear, understandable, candid, and transparent approach.
We also appreciate the fact that you have facilitated a team of professionals to address our needs for estate planning, banking, will preparation and tax planning. You have made what initially appeared to be a confusing and difficult situation, easy and understandable. We commend your entire team. Thank you both and we look forward to many years of working together with you."
Joan & Les O’Reilly

Retired Educators/Consultants
Testimonial made November, 2021


Financial Security

"Hi Christine – just read over your spring newsletter and it made me think that we have neglected to tell you that we have admired your successes over the years and appreciate how you have helped get us to a safe and secure financial position.  We have been working with you for many years now and you have helped us earn lots of money!  Thank you for that. "

Heather & Cliff

Chilliwack, BC
Testimonial Made May 2019

Professional Money Management

“When we began interviewing Financial Advisors, we were looking for active, professional money management.  We wanted to diversify our real estate holdings and enjoy superior results and be unburdened knowing our financial goals were being achieved.  It is clear through your passion, empathy and methodical approach that we have come to the right place.”

~Al S.
Retired Sales Manager
Testimonial Made March 2017

Expert Guidance

“I awoke at 2am in Mid-June 2009 in a panic.  The media hype surrounded the market decline of 2008/2009 had me extremely concerned and I relied heavily on your thoughts on how to proceed.  You took the time to re-assure me that based on our goals we would be just fine.  Also, we discussed the merit of the companies that we owned and the nimbleness of companies to manage in various economic environments.  As investors we are overwhelmed with information and I appreciate your insight as a dedicated expert to guide me. “
Ralph R.
Retired Telus Manager
Vancouver Island
Testimonial Made April 2017

Committed to Achieving Success

'Further to our recent meeting reviewing my Wealth Goals and Investment Portfolios, I would like to thank you again for taking care of and looking after my investments. Your detailed approach to fully understanding my needs has lent itself to me having full confidence in you that you will continue to make the right decisions as you have proven in the past.

Before meeting you, I was initially able to save and invest in some very elementary programs but I would never have been able to do what you have done thus far for me. I don’t have the investing smarts but this is where you come in. I know that all of the work done behind the scenes and your commitment to clients is what drives the results that you have accomplished for me. I have full trust in your ability and appreciate what you have accomplished since I came to you nine years ago.

Thank you once again Christine, for all your time and effort and may there be many more years of success.'

Alex Fuchs
Retired Pilot
Testimonial Made November 2016

Rendering Complex Information Understandable

'Christine, we want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all you have done for us regarding our goal of one day retiring. We both feel very fortunate that you took us on as one of your clients in order to help us realize this goal.

Your work with us has been very professional, but presented in a manner that is genuine, caring and reassuring. We appreciate the diversity of your ideas and your communication style. You take complex information and make it understandable. This builds our confidence and creates a clarity and certainty that we can reach our financial goals.

We came to you thinking that this was simply about managing our money. We have learnt that it is much more than that. You have created a road map that helped us to understand how to reach our goals. Your patience, understanding and genuineness has placed us at ease and has significantly reduced our level of stress and uncertainty.

Thank you Christine, we appreciate you and all you have done for us.'

Tony & Susan Martens
President & Secretary
Martens & Associates
Testimonial Made May 2015

Critically Minded

'I have had the benefit of working with Christine Fortin through the August 2011 market corrections, and she's proven her value to me on many levels.

Christine has what happens to be the rare ability and skills to contemplate massive markets complexity and to make difficult, but well-reasoned recommendations to me as her client. She is an advisor who diligently 'does her homework' so that she can stay ahead of the curve in understanding market volatility.

Most important, her guidance was not based on popular opinion and the 'reactions of the moment', but rather, she had the professional courage to look wrong in the short term, only to be right in the long term.

Christine's insistence on communicating strategy throughout the toughest markets provides a level of calm and clarity that I am convinced helps us invest well.

Above all, she has committed time and energy into understanding the uniqueness of my particular investment goals, priorities and principles. This has been especially beneficial as we continually consider the broader implications with respect to tax considerations, risk reduction and charitable giving'

Paul Ash
Knightsbridge Holdings Ltd.
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Winnipeg, MB
Testimonial Made August 2011

Intensive Counsel

'I have had the pleasure of working with Christine for a number of years, through many different market turmoils. Her value to me has shown itself again and again.

Christine is clearly comfortable in making investment decisions in unsure markets, but her value to me extends far beyond investments into wealth counsel, well beyond investments. She has immersed herself in all aspects of my wealth picture, gaining a unique understanding and brought a surprising amount of new perspective and recommendations.

She thrives on healthy debate about best solutions. And it is this that I value most about our relationship. I respect her unique ability to make a smart decision and stick to it. I am comforted and unburdened knowing that these decisions are based on her deep global rolodex and enormous amounts of due diligence.'

Sal Orlando
General Manager
Pipe and Piping Supplies
Port Coquitlam, BC
Testimonial Made November 2018

Retirement Success Story

'We confidently would endorse The Fortin Wealth Advisory Group to close family and friends. Christine, as the team leader, has adapted her skills to guide and educate medical professionals such as ourselves toward reaching their financial goals.

We found her to be compassionate, intuitive and professional, and our 10 year journey with her has resulted in our retirement ‘success’ story.'

Dr. Rand Barker & Mrs. Cia Barker
White Rock, BC
Testimonial Made October 2013

Engages With Professional Advisors

'During the last tax season, I had the privilege of working with several of the Fortin Wealth Advisory Group's clients. On occasion, simply obtaining transaction information from clients and/or their investment advisor can take several phone calls and requests. This has the unintended result of delaying the preparation and filing of the tax return.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a consolidated tax summary from your office for my new clients by courier. The package assembled by your team saved time and money for our joint clients.

Having been involved in preparing tax returns for 30 years and being perfectly honest, I cannot recall receiving a more complete, thorough and detailed tax information package from any Wealth Advisor. I am certain your clients are comforted that you are providing a comprehensive service including assistance to their tax professionals.'

Raymond Friesen
Certified Management Accountant
Raymond E. Friesen Inc.

Testimonial Made May 2012

Nothing Over Looked

'Christine communicates extremely well.  There are no surprises and nothing slips through the cracks. I value her detailed preparation for addressing our goals at our meetings.  I do not feel pressure as I am comfortable that everything is looked after.'


Ian Short
Commercial Credit Risk Consultant
Tsawwassen, BC
Testimonial Made August 2011

Reduces Financial Stress

'Typically I am uncomfortable to go into the bank and cash a cheque but am always at ease with you and  I don’t feel nervous at all.

And Christine explains things in details so that it is understandable, and gives a clear picture of the finances today and how they will look in the future.  No question is too small.  I have a serious level of comfort working with Christine.'


Lavern Gonzaga
Homemaker/Flowerist Extraordinaire
Surrey, BC
Testimonial Made May 2015

Guiding Us Through the Future

'Margaret and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and guidance over the years in both life style choices and with our portfolios. You steered us through the recent financial crises and into our retirement phase with great success for which we are very grateful.

We look forward to many more years of cooperation with you.'

Dave & Margaret Longdale
Retired Marine Engineer
Testimonial Made July 2013

Respectful and Genuinely Cares

'Christine provided me with the re-assurance and strategies for planning for Retirement. I am not stressed feeling that I need to stay on top of everything, as she has taken the reins and is always very accessible for wealth counsel on various issues. Communication with any business is critically important, her friendliness is paramount and it is truly apparent that she listens and genuinely understands my goals.'

Heather Bragg
C.B Vangara Engineering
Testimonial Made June 2011

Adheres to My Privacy, Highly Accessible, and Non-Judgemental

' I would like to take this opportunity to say how much my relationship with Christine means to me.  It is very valuable that she is accessible – always answers my phone calls and emails in a timely manner.  During our conversations, Christine is non-judgmental which gives me the courage to ask questions without fear.  Her replies are genuine – I don’t feel the need to read between the lines wondering what the motivations might be.

I can discuss anything with Christine knowing it will be held in strict confidence which is very important as I consider my finances to be an extremely personal matter.

She always goes beyond what I perceive her responsibilities as my personal financial advisor to be.  I find her very generous of her time with me.  I appreciate that she touches up her knowledge base at her own expense – which in turn benefits my portfolio.

I am very thankful that the Bank of Montreal recognized that my situation is best handled by BMO Nesbitt Burns, specifically Christine.'

Rosemarie B.
Testimonial Made January 2010

Prompt and Enormously Respectful

'Christine Fortin and her team have been our advisors for over 10 years. We know we are well taken care of. We establish our retirement goals with Christine who then develops a concrete easy to understand plan that outlines the exact amount we need to save to achieve our retirement goals. We then receive on-going status updates indicating if we are on track. Our investments to date have achieved superior returns.

Christine and her team remain concerned with what is transpiring in our lives and ensure that all wealth strategies are being properly engaged. The team is innovative and not afraid to share succinct opinions and review trade-offs with us. Their compassion is evident as recently, they have taken the time to educate our teenage son on the importance and details of investing.

When we deal with the Fortin Wealth Advisory Group we always receive prompt and enormously respectful advice. No question or request is dismissed or unanswered. Christine keeps us completely organized with the wealth creation element of our lives. She has made a real difference in our family’s life and is the first person we would turn to in the event of a major life event.'

K. Anré McIntosh R.P.Bio. P.Ag.
Environmental Analyst
Testimonial Made September 2013

Global Insight

'Christine Fortin has been my investment advisor and financial planner for over 14 years. During that time she has played a critical role in helping me articulate my long term financial goals and then implementing strategies to ensure that I achieve those goals. She goes to great lengths to gain insight into the market and is not shy in sharing those insights. She has also been a great resource for directing me to the right people for tax advice and estate planning. I would not hesitate to recommend Christine to anyone who is looking for a good financial advisor, one that they can trust.'

Monica D.
Senior Risk Manager
Testimonial Made November 2018

Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

'Christine is diligent about articulating what I am trying to achieve financially. She weeds out the peripheral noise, gives the honest truth, does not sugar coat, but talks to you like a friend. She has unburdened me, and I am secure knowing that no stone has been unturned with respect to my financial affairs.'

Barbara K.
Import & Distribution Company
Testimonial Made June 2011

Organizes Financial Affairs

'Thanks as always for your support and genuine help and assistance with everything you do for me in making sure Aunt Barb has what she needs in her twilight years.  And to Amanda as well for her always gracious and kind calls with little news bits and account planning!! It would ALL be a total mess without you both!!'

Barb Wiebe
Power of Attorney
Surgical Booking
White Rock, BC
Testimonial Made February 2015


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.