At the Fortin Wealth Advisory Group, we are proud to be one of the most respected and influential wealth management teams in the industry.


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Having managed money globally and in Toronto for large multinational corporations and pension plans, we bring our clients a distinct advantage.

Our rigorous, global, forward-thinking approach is helping to shape BMO Private Wealth's investment policies and firm decisions nationally. But what makes us most proud is our excepetional level of client retention. From our office in White Rock, we advise a loyal group of affluent Canadian families, business owners, agricultural families, retirees, athletes, and medical professionals with investable assets between $2 million and $100 million. 

In 1997 Christine founded a private wealth advisory and wealth counsel practice. Driven by her background in institutional money management and global finance, we are disrupting the status quo by delivering industrial-strength solutions to affluent multi-generational families. Our approach delivers enormous value, de-risks clients financially and brings them every opportunity possible. Christine's 25 yrs of innovation has caused her to become a nationally recognized pillar in the financial industry, sought after speaker and facilitator and planner and portfolio manager to the quietly wealthy"

Our office is a welcoming and vibrant environment where our team thrives on inclusiveness and our clients have confidence knowing their ever evolving financial concerns are resolved by a team that is sensitive  to changing needs, enormously respectful, clear, unabashedly detailed, critically minded and each member is recognized as top advisory professionals in their own right.

Disciplined and hardworking, with over a quarter century of experience, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of wealth service excellence. 






"The discerning clients with whom we work expect a Respectful, Critically Minded, Compassionate, Innovative and Adaptive  Wealth Counsel Group who puts their interests’ first.  And, who is willing  to take the lead role in organizing and driving  their financial affairs towards achieving their goals”

~ Christine D. Fortin  June 2008

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Human behaviour is such that when we really desire something to be true, we will ignore the red flags which in turn takes us down the wrong path.

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The 'R' Word

Christine gives a 7 Minute educational video on Recessions and the current capital market environment.

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Investment Risk and Houdini

Christine describes how the biggest investment risk we face, are the ones we can never see coming.

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Building Wealth Like Buffett

Christine reviews how time in the market has been one of the largest contributing factors to Warren Buffet's exponential growth of wealth.

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