What Makes Us Different


1. Winning: We want you to win. Working hard for our clients and seeing their wealth grow and goals realised gives us a great sense of satisfaction.

2. Expertise: We believe that our team brings a level of business, legal and financial expertise to the table that is inherently valuable in helping clients manage their affairs and establishes a true ‘advisor’ relationship. We are not just looking at your investment portfolio but look to assist and plan both the corporate and personal aspects of your life.

3. No Surprises: One area that defines the relationship we have with clients is that there are no surprises. We believe that it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of the What, How and Why economical impacts are affecting your investments at all times. We believe that you should never receive a statement and be surprised by what the market has done to your portfolio. You should always be aware of our views or what we feel is the appropriate action given the current situation.

4. Contact: In order for there to be ‘No Surprises’, there has to be a high level of contact. We are constantly talking to you, advising, educating and also just chatting to say hi or to check in with you on what is happening in your life. Without great communication there can be no relationship and without a relationship there can be no trust.

5. Sell Discipline: One has to have a sell discipline. For every position we add to a portfolio there is a price on the upside and the downside where we sell. Everyone will always talk about what to buy and very infrequently on when and what to sell. This in my opinion, is key to the successful management of your investments and the preservation of capital in times of uncertainty.