Our Process

How we work with you is based around having a firm understanding of you as an individual.

Curiosity: This comes from having a profound curiosity of who you are, how you got here and where you want to go. This leads us to a better understanding of you as an individual and in turn leads to better communication.

Motivational Factors and Priorities: We need to understand your goals, as your goals will set and define the investment strategy and allow us to work and focus on the things that are most important to you. Along the way we will challenge you to look at and redefine some of those goals or the lack thereof. We also need to understand your fears and manage those accordingly.

Expectations: We need to set those expectations if we are to meet them and be held accountable to them. As part of the review process we need to come back to our planning process and see if we have met our goals and expectations. This holds us accountable to you as a client.

Evolution: Our experience is that as clients move through the cycle of life their situations and priorities change. From growing the business and advancing in their careers to saving for retirement, dealing with aging parents and helping the kids and the grandkids. As this process occurs, ones needs and requirements change and as such we are there to provide the resources and advice to help you through these periods of transition. We help you plan for the next phase of life.