S&P/TSX Composite at 1,000,000? (Spring 2024)

It was just over six years ago that renowned investor Warren Buffett made a memorable prediction that’s worth repeating: Expect the Dow to reach one million in 100 years. However, Buffett’s intent wasn’t to propose whether this arbitrary benchmark could be achieved. Rather, he meant to inspire confidence in future growth.


Harness the Power of Time (Winter 2024)

According to statistics, the U.S. is home to around 750 billionaires. Yet, one fund manager believes this number should be higher. Why? If $72,000 had been invested 100 years ago in the S&P 500 and left untouched, it would be worth over $1 billion today. In our Winter newsletter, “Harness the Power of Time,” we highlight the profound impact of compounding — and time — on investing success.

As we continue to navigate through the changing times, we remain grateful for your ongoing confidence in our services. May 2024 bring good health, peace and prosperity.


Time: The Great Equalizer (Fall 2023)

For many years, it was claimed that Millennials were the first generation worse off than their parents financially. Faced with a surge in housing prices, coupled with escalating education costs and a challenging economy, things didn’t seem particularly bright for the Millennials just a decade ago. However, recent statistics suggest a contrasting narrative.

In our Autumn newsletter, “Time: The Great Equalizer,” we show how the rebound of the Millennials serves as a reminder of the inherent value of time. This, too, has lessons for wealth building.

Autumn is the season of change — a reminder that time has a way of altering most things: our financial obligations and goals may also change as time passes. If a review is in order, or if there are investing actions you need to take in the final months of the year, please get in touch. During this Thanksgiving season and beyond, wishing you an abundance of health and happiness.


Prepare for the Great “Unretirement” (Summer 2023)

What is the possibility that your life might last much longer than you believe — will it change your perspectives on the present moment? Today, reaching the esteemed 100-year milestone is no longer a rarity. Some longevity experts have gone so far as to say that the first person to reach age 150 has already been born. In our summer newsletter, “Prepare for the Great “Unretirement,” we discuss our growing longevity and why, as advisors, we make retirement planning and beyond a key focus in the wealth planning process.

The summer is the season for well-deserved downtime, but remember that our funds need no vacation. Continue to keep your assets working hard to meet your future goals. Remember that we are here to help. We hope you’ll enjoy many leisurely pursuits this summer.

Change — The Only Constant (Spring 2023)

Much continues to be made of the artificial intelligence algorithm ChatGPT and its potential to disrupt on many levels — we’ve already seen its ability to write college essays, prompting questions over whether it will change education as we know it. It has also ignited a debate about the deeper threat of our technological advances. But, beyond this existential debate, ChatGPT reminds us that we are never immune to change – and the investing world is no exception. In our spring newsletter, “Change — The Only Constant,” as we navigate the changing times, investors should not overlook the value of thoughtful analysis and evaluation – skills that should be trusted to guide us through the longer term. 


After what may have seemed like a long winter, spring is here with the promise of longer days and warmer weather. As we strive to make progress, whether it be with our investments or in other aspects of our lives, We hope that the season brings renewal, growth and expansion. If we can support you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The Power of Perspective (Winter 2023)

The year that has passed reminds us that building wealth doesn’t always follow a steady course. In the short term, there will always be down months, quarters or even years in the financial markets. During these times, keeping perspective and not being swayed by emotion is important. Our winter newsletter, “The Power of Perspective,” reminds us of the impact that human emotion can have on our investment decisions.

As the year comes to a close, thank you for the continued trust you've placed in us with your financial matters. May the year ahead be filled with much health, happiness and prosperity. 

Time: The Investor's Great Ally (Fall 2022)

In our autumn newsletter, “Time: The Investor’s Great Ally,” we remind our readers that concerns over events like a potential recession are no reason to avoid the investment markets altogether. Economies will experience downturns. And, bull markets, as often as not, have started in the middle of recessions, even when investor sentiment appears at its worst. Investing is never a smooth road, even for the best investors, but longer-term success involves navigating through times like today.

As we approach the final months of the year, if you have any investment decisions needing to be made before year end, such as a maturing RRSP (if you turned 71 in 2022), RESP contributions or tax-loss selling, to name a few, let’s talk soon. As always, I am here to assist. 

Bull & Bear: Tortoise or Hare? (Summer 2022)

In more turbulent markets, like we are experiencing today, are you inclined to be a tortoise or a hare? As suggested in my summer newsletter, “Bull and Bear: Tortoise or Hare? ” finding success in investing may be reminiscent of the old Aesop’s fable in which the slow-but-steady tortoise perseveres to beat the speedy-but-inconsistent hare. Building wealth takes time and inevitably involves enduring both ups and downs in the markets.
While it may be difficult to see beyond today, this period of market volatility and economic uncertainty will eventually pass. Continue to stay invested and maintain confidence that better days lie ahead. Please remember that I am here to assist. With the arrival of summer, may you find time to enjoy many leisurely pursuits for the longer days ahead. 

Maintaining Our Balance (Spring 2022)

While there has been no shortage of news to test our resolve, for investors, taking a longer-term view reminds us that the markets have had remarkable resilience over time. This, despite volatile periods of uncertainty including credit and debt crises, recessions, changing policies by the central banks — and even war.

While not to diminish the significance of today’s situation, history has shown that every market period has challenges that make it difficult to assess future prospects. Einstein once suggested that progress is “like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” We are hopeful for many brighter — and smoother — days ahead. Remember that we are here to assist.

The Indomitable Human Spirit (Winter 2022)

We may be reminded about the human capacity to advance through hardship with perseverance – a message that may be fitting when considering our investing perspectives as we look to the year ahead. As we look forward to 2022, hopefully we will all be able to move forward, perhaps a little bit more resilient.

We would like to take this opportunity to send our appreciation for your confidence in our services. Wishing you an abundance of health, happiness, hope and prosperity for the coming year.

Are you Checking Too Frequently? (Fall 2021)

According to recent reports, investors using a U.S. discount brokerage platform are checking their portfolios at an alarming rate of seven times per day. However, frequent portfolio checking may be hazardous to your investing health. My autumn newsletter offers some perspectives on behavioural finance and its influence on decision making.

For 2021: Brighter Days Ahead (Winter 2021)

While the cooler months have brought a resurgence of the virus and new shutdowns, we shouldn’t overlook the potential for economic rebound.

As we look forward, remember that even the worst periods of retrenchment have been followed by new growth, economic expansion and progressing equity values. Moreover, as we have seen in 2020, equity markets don’t wait on the sidelines for recovery to happen.

The Unprecedented Speed of Change (Fall 2020)

As we continue to battle Covid-19, we find ourselves living through a period of extreme change. Investing requires shifting gears on a continuous basis to adapt for these changes, and that is why I am here to provide support. 

Maintaining the Long View (Summer 2020) 

Summer is usually the time for leisurely pursuits, but this year we face new challenges. In the near term, we are likely to see ongoing equity market volatility as economic data and earnings are expected to reflect the impact of the spring economic shutdowns. During these times, try and maintain a longer-term perspective.