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"I have been with Brad Steinmetz for over 10 years, and now my wife, two kids, and son-in-law are investing with him as well. He is an outgoing, fun guy with a great personality who comes across well, like many other advisors. But that’s not the reason I invest with him.

 I work with Brad because Brad is a former accountant. He has the ability to look at the numbers beyond the investment point of view – he understands the implications of taxes and inheritances and that sort of thing. Most advisors don’t understand numbers at all."
- D. Abrams, February 2022

"I met Brad at McGill University, where we both got our accounting degrees. Later, we worked at the same accounting firm. I have known him a long time. In life you need to pick people you trust. Trust is the most important thing for me. Brad is very reliable and trustworthy – it’s great to have that comfort level. Brad tells it the way it is and doesn’t mislead you. 

After working hard at school and work, building and scaling a global chain of data centres and networks, I sold my company and began to enjoy life. I’m playing a lot of golf, travelling, hanging out with my wife and family and helping them out with their entrepreneurial ventures. Brad invests the proceeds of my divestiture. He doesn’t have a crystal ball, although when I get great returns, I say thank you. But I’m a long-term player. We make adjustments when they are needed.

I can call Brad anytime and he answers or calls right back right. Brad is 24/7 – I can even call him day or night. He doesn’t sleep! I will often text him at 5 am. I am a bit high-maintenance – I like to hear what he has to say and what he learns from his guys at BMO.

Brad is not just a money manager – he has business sense. Brad can help me structure the company from a business point of view. He has never discouraged me from taking aggressive business risks. He is a great sounding board – I can bounce my ideas off him. In business, I am the risk taker, but as an investor, I need to hear from people I trust who have good common sense. Knowing that Brad is managing my money, I always have balance, because he doesn’t take risks at all. I value Brad’s opinions. BMO is very lucky to have him."
- J. Stubina, February 2022

"Many years ago, my father left me some stocks and I had no idea what to do with them. I transferred them from Merrill Lynch U.S. to Merrill Lynch Canada (which no longer exists), where Brad was assigned to me. I found him to be extremely friendly and helpful, so I continued to work with him.

Time went by, the kids grew up, and I had to start looking at financial things more carefully. I had a McGill pension which required decisions beyond my ability. Brad was always there for me and invariably guided me to make wise choices. He has done very well for us financially and he has become a good family friend as well.

Brad set us up in a way that is ideal for our situation. He helped me to file a will and to create a Living Will. My kids cannot execute my estate because they don’t live in Canada, so Brad arranged for an acceptable executor. He made sure that I have a good life insurance policy as a tax advantage.

We speak often. Brad keeps us well informed on the status of our portfolio and advises us in navigating the world of finance. He has provided us with excellent personalized guidance and keeps me thoroughly informed.

In short, Brad has helped us immensely. I don’t know what we would do without him."
- Dr. J. Brawer, February 2022

"Brad has been my advisor for more than 20 years. He is always reachable, always accessible. He calls up regularly to check in with me and is extremely client focused. Brad gets to know you as an individual and is not just a personal advisor to your extended family, but also as a corporate advisor.
I started working with Brad before I moved to Florida. He is licensed in the US, so he was able to continue serving me. His cross-border capabilities are essential and, thanks to BMO Harris Bank, the service is seamless. It doesn’t matter at all that Brad is in Canada – he is fully capable of serving me as an American.
Brad has pointed me to other components of BMO Harris for significant assistance in our corporate needs. He referred me to BMO Business Advisory Services and financing opportunities. Brad’s always after me to do succession planning too and it’s nice to know that’s available to me. There is a lot of complexity in my situation – I have family in Canada and in the US, which brings some estate complexities. Brad knows me and my extended family very, very well, so it’s been great.
Brad’s very outgoing and cares a lot about his customers. I’m with BMO because of Brad. He’s the type of person they must be very happy to have on board."
- M. Tobin, February 2022

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