Da Vinci, Einstein, Jobs & Musk

Bradley Goldhar - Sep 15, 2023

Did you by chance ever read the biography of Steve Jobs? Written by Walter Isaacson, it’s a great book and provides tremendous insight into the genius behind one of the founders of Apple. The author has written other biographies including ones on Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein. His latest book was released this week and profiles Elon Musk, the controversial figure behind Tesla and SpaceX and now the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter. Tesla, with a market value of approx. $875 billion, seems poised to join the select group of companies with US$1 trillion market values – Apple is the leader of that group with a market value of approx. US$2.7 trillion (i). Not sure when the next Tesla model will be launched but this week Apple introduced the iPhone 15, with a more powerful camera as well as an updated version of the Apple Watch with a unique “double tap” feature and 3-day battery life.



Total Return in 2023

Dividend Yield

Apple (AAPL)



Tesla (TSLA)



Source: FactSet, Local currency values as of September 15

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Bradley Goldhar | Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Investment Advisor

Source: (i) FactSet